Microsoft-Canon Partnership May Lead to Better Cameras For Future Windows Phones

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A file photo showing Microsoft logo REUTERS/Pichi Chuang

Microsoft has signed a patent cross-licensing agreement with Canon which has left analysts around the world speculating as to what the real world implications of such an agreement could be like. Both the partners are hush-hush about the deal, leaving everything from the financial terms to the scope of such a deal to wild speculation. Slashgear though feels one area that could benefit the most is PureView technology and its integration in Microsoft's future smartphone lineup.

With Nokia's smartphone division onboard, Microsoft does have access to the computational photography technologies that had endowed many of Nokia's high-end and mid-range smartphones with superior photographic capabilities. The technology combined with suitable apps will ensure users have the ability to edit photos with minimal effort.

With Microsoft's current tie-up with Canon, who is a renowned world leader in imaging technology, the Redmond company will no doubt have a lot to gain. Access to superior sensor technologies will lead to future Windows phones to have better camera, something that is crucial for both high-end and budget phones.

The deal with Canon will also save Microsoft from having to invest huge sums in R&D efforts. With this, Microsoft can also draw upon Canon's expertise in imaging technologies for superior camera in even low-end phones, giving them an edge against the vast army of low-end Android phones currently flooding the market. This may fuel the Android growth story and Microsoft so far has shown all intentions to not let Android thrive alone. Its recent tie-up with several budget phone makers is ample proof of this.  

As TechTimes puts it, it's not exactly clear how Canon is likely to benefit from the deal with Microsoft since the latter largely has mobile and software patents to offer. Maybe Canon could be tempted to make smaller and cheaper digital cameras sporting displays based on Microsoft's expertise. A smartphone/camera combo built on the lines of Samsung Galaxy K Zoom cannot be ruled out either. Further, the deal with Microsoft could also result in better integration of some of other Canon products such as copiers and printers with Microsoft office software.

Possibilities are endless, although it will always be nice to have some kind of an official word on this from either party. 

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