Microsoft Adds The Ability to Search for Sensitive Data on SharePoint And OneDrive

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Microsoft CEO Explaining
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella gestures during his keynote address at the company's "build" conference in San Francisco, California April 2, 2014. Reuters/Robert Galbraith

Businesses can now use Microsoft Office 365 to share sensitive data within the organisation. Office Blogs reports Microsoft Office 365 has these necessary features for email with data loss prevention or DLP. The said features are already used in Exchange, Outlook and OWA together with a series of built-in sensitive data that can be used to search. Now, Microsoft is reportedly to expand these features to SharePoint and OneDrive. This will allow organisations to use the same sensitive data to search within the organisation. The new feature will allow businesses to search for sensitive data across SharePoint and OneDrive. DLP for SharePoint and OneDrive for Business is built into the existing business search. This will allow businesses to search sensitive data in the existing eDiscovery Center and it keeps all the data in place making it easy for users to search real time. There is also an option to protect the eDiscovery Center so that only permitted people can have access and review the sensitive data.

There are 51 built-in sensitive data types such as credit card numbers, passport numbers, Social Security numbers and Social Security numbers. Microsoft Office 365 provides a series of sensitive data types and these are detected based on pattern matching making it easy to set up. Now, simple queries can be created to be shared on SharePoint and OneDrive for business.

It also has the ability to identify offending documents, export reports and it can also adjust accordingly. This feature will allow users to review possible offending documents real time right from the eDiscovery Center. Users can adjust the sharing permissions and remove the data.

With these new features searching for sensitive data is now available on SharePoint and OneDrive. Organisations can now monitor what and where does the sensitive data exists and it can help secure and protect these data. Microsoft also announced that it will be introducing additional features on discovering and reviewing sensitive data later this year.

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