Michigan Congressman Fred Upton Remains Silent On Niece Kate Upton’s Leaked Nude Photo

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Kate Upton
Kate Upton arrives for the 50 Years of Beautiful broadcast special show in Los Angeles [Reuters/David McNew] Reuters

Congressman Fred Upton has reportedly remained silent on the topic of the nude leaked photos of his niece Sports Illustrated model Kate Upton.

The Daily Caller tried to reach out to Fred, but instead, the lawmaker forwarded an email from a spokeswoman of House Energy and Commerce Committee. The email said that the said organisation was monitoring the breach that not only his niece has been a victim with but also other Hollywood celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence, Victoria Justice, and Ariana Grande among several others.

According to the news outlet, Fred, who works as the chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, is in a powerful position to spearhead a federal digital privacy law. "Upton (Fred) would have an especially loud voice after the victimization of a close family member and well-known public figure," the Daily Caller wrote.

In August, a California law called revenge porn bill that was passed in 2013, was amended. Initially, it involved going after the offenders who will be found guilty of distributing explicit photos or videos of people without their consent. Senator Anthony Cannella reportedly spearheaded the bill, but has received criticisms because it did not cover the photos or videos taken by the victim. The amended bill has extended the decree to make revenge port a crime regardless of who took the picture or video.

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Meanwhile, Kate has also kept mum about her leaked nude photo, which also featured her boyfriend Detroit Tigers' pitcher Justin Verlander. Kate has her place on social media because she maintains her online presence to her followers, but recently, it was radio silence on her Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Kate's lawyer has told BuzzFeed that model-actress will pursue the case and take legal actions to find the culprit and whoever is responsible for the invasion of her privacy.

Kate's nude photos were a series of snaps that she, apparently, took using her iPhone. The pictures made their way online on different social media websites. One picture of Kate was in the bathroom with her naked boyfriend. In other photos, Kate was seen exposing her breasts and private parts in selfie shots.


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