Michael Schumacher Will Not be Michael Schumacher Anymore, Says New Report

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File photo of Ferrari Formula One Driver Michael Schumacher of Germany Celebrates After Taking the Pole Position at the End of the Qualifying Session for the Bahrain Formula One Grand Prix at the Sakhir Racetrack in Manama
IN PHOTO: Ferrari Formula One driver Michael Schumacher of Germany celebrates after taking the pole position at the end of the qualifying session for the Bahrain Formula One Grand Prix at the Sakhir racetrack in Manama in this March 11, 2006 file picture. Reuters

One reason why Michael Schumacher's family decided to limit the updates about the current condition of the seven-time world racing champion is to play down all the speculations about his health. All the theories and assumptions by people have angered not only the Schumacher's family but his manager as well. However, another so-called expert commentary about Schumacher's condition has been reported. A British expert shared his insights on the racing champion's current condition.

A professor at Cambridge University, Peter Hutchinson, said that Schumacher may never return in his old self again, The Daily Record reported. "It is not as if someone will switch on the light and the patient is all there," Hutchinson said. "He will probably come back to a world he doesn't know," he added.

The British news site also cited an excerpt from a news article featured in Germany's Focus magazine which somehow backed the statement of the British professor. The report said Schumacher may have cheated death, even when it was very likely to happen, to prolong his life, but his life battle isn't through yet. "Michael Schumacher seems to have won his fight against death, but he still has to fight his life ahead of him."

If time comes that Schumacher completely awakens from coma, the racing legend will face a world that he is no longer "accustomed" to facing, the German news site further wrote.

"Michael Schumacher will not be Michael Schumacher anymore."

Schumacher will have to learn how to speak, walk, eat, and even shower again. He has to learn how to live independently again. "He must find way to cope with the new conditions, new needs to learn basic skills."

Despite the long period of time that Schumacher has stayed in a coma, his family are reportedly still optimistic that he will win the fight. Schumacher's manager Sabine Kehm said, on behalf of the family, that they are confident that he will wake up and make it through.

Kehm is anticipated to make new statements when there are significant changes on Schumacher's condition.

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