Michael Schumacher Showed Signs of Progress

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File photo of Ferrari Formula One Driver Michael Schumacher of Germany Celebrates After Taking the Pole Position at the End of the Qualifying Session for the Bahrain Formula One Grand Prix at the Sakhir Racetrack in Manama
IN PHOTO: Ferrari Formula One driver Michael Schumacher of Germany celebrates after taking the pole position at the end of the qualifying session for the Bahrain Formula One Grand Prix at the Sakhir racetrack in Manama in this March 11, 2006 file picture. Reuters

When the entire world is mourning for the sad event that led to Formula One mogul Michael Schumacher's coma, he finally showed a light of hope to progress.

"There are short moments of consciousness and he is showing small signs of progress...There are moments when he is awake and moments when he is conscious...of course I am not a doctor, but medically, there is a distinction between being awake and being conscious, the latter meaning there is an ability to interact with his surroundings...I don't want to disclose details out of respect for the family, but we have no doubt at all in the abilities of the doctors treating Michael, they are experts in their field," Schumacher's spokeswoman Sabine Kehm told Germany's ARD Network.

After a fatal brain injury from a ski accident on December 29, Schumacher was placed in medically induced coma at Glenoble, France. He had to undergo two surgeries to remove a clot after being placed into coma.

Doctors earlier kept on trying to wake him up but the result was nil. But this new progress had finally given a huge respite to the fans, families and his peers.

Kehm further said that Schumacher's family were all touched with the blessings that came from all corners of the world. But the media speculation about the legend posed a major issue for them.

"What upsets the family most is media quoting doctors who are not treating Michael and untruths are constructed from these...It has been a problem when outsiders comment and it means we have to set the record straight, even when we don't want to," Kehm further added.

Earlier, the family stated the drugs prescribed to Schumacher for sleep was reduced to bring him back his consciousness.

The news of the betterment of former king of Formula One came as a respite and we can only wish for his betterment and see him back at his feet.

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