Michael Schumacher Coma Update: Schumi Losing Battle with Condition is Premature, Expert Says

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File photo of Ferrari Formula One Driver Michael Schumacher of Germany Celebrates After Taking the Pole Position at the End of the Qualifying Session for the Bahrain Formula One Grand Prix at the Sakhir Racetrack in Manama
IN PHOTO: Ferrari Formula One driver Michael Schumacher of Germany celebrates after taking the pole position at the end of the qualifying session for the Bahrain Formula One Grand Prix at the Sakhir racetrack in Manama in this March 11, 2006 file picture. Reuters

Formula one legend Michael Schumacher is still in comatose state, and the fear for former Ferrari driver's health condition has worsened dramatically over the past few weeks.

However, German medical journalist Christoph Specht stressed that there's still hope for Schumi, and counting him out in his battle to stay alive would be premature.

"Comas are not all the same," Specht said in his latest interview. "There are always pleasant surprises in which patients wake up after many years."

Schumacher has been in Grenoble for roughly the last six months after suffering a serious head injury from a skiing accident in the French Alps resort last December.

The seven-time Formula One champion driver has been receiving intensive treatment, but his family and representatives have not released any update on his status.

Sabine Kehm, Schumacher's spokesperson and manager, is surprisingly quiet about the progress of his client, as she has imposed restrictions on the release of information coming from Schumacher's camp.

"Our plan and our desire would be that from the moment in which Michael can go into a rehab clinic, this media coverage will stop," Kehm told ARD Television, as reported by Auto123.com.

Schumacher's family has received criticism because of their decision not to provide enough information on his condition. However, Kehm defended the Schumacher's family and said that the 45-year-old German racer would have wanted it that way.

"Michael Schumacher is in a coma and cannot decide what is reported about him," Kehm said. "We, of course, know how he deals with such things and try, in his interest, to handle these matters for him."

German tennis legend Boris Becker very much understands Schumacher's family decision, believing the media blackout could be the only way to give the driver more time to recover from the horrific accident.

"We cannot imagine what Corinna and the children have been going through since the accident. Becker said in an interview with German Television RTL, via Formula One Today. "They have built a protective wall around him. It's been very quiet but this is the only way to cure him."

Flavio Briatore, who worked with Schumacher during their time with Benetton Team, is also worried about his former driver's situation.  

"There is no news because the family is very closed," Briatore said. "They are not communicating. But surely no news in this case is not good news."

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