Michael Moore tweets dismay over Osama Bin Laden killings

Filmmaker Michael Moore has openly condemned the recent killings of terrorist Osama Bin Laden, claiming that the Al-Qaeda Leader was both ‘executed and assassinated’ by the U.S. government. Michael Moore on Bin Laden’s killings: ‘We’ve Lost Something of
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From 800,000 followers in his Twitter account, Michael Moore’s has recorded 15,000 more in just five days from April 30, Saturday to May 4, Wednesday. And in those days, the American filmmaker has been under firestorm as he started to voice his stand and continued to defend his position on the death of Osama Bin Laden.

And with the surge of his followers, Moore knew that someone and more were ‘reading his tweets’.

Here’s the ten-point arguments Moore has tweeted following the White House announcement of Bin Laden’s killings:

  1. "The Pakistanis knew OBL was there..."
  2. "They put him there under house arrest at their WestPoint..."
  3.  "They cut a deal with us: They would hold him there & stop him fr any more terror."
  4. "But OBL prob f-ed up & started planning something..."
  5.  "So Pakistan said, f*** it, he's expendable, u guys can have him. And they looked the other way."
  6. "No way do choppers fly in next door to army base and "WestPoint", have firefight, blow up chopper, and no cops or Paki soldiers show up?"
  7.  "Please! Pakistan just couldn't be seen as participating with us. And please-- the CIA didn't know he was living there for 6 yrs?"
  8. "As long as he wasn't conducting terror, OBL alive served a purpose. Someone should just fess up: The war industry needs fear to make $$"
  9.  "And when he was no longer needed, or he was back to his old ways, he had to be taken out. WH, just say it: He was executed, period."
  10. "Finally, when we put the Nazis on trial @ Nuremberg, it was right. It exposed their evil & it showed WE believe in a system of justice."

The Academy Award winner, ‘Fahrenheit 911’ director, Michael Moore has called on President Barack Obama ‘to come clean’ on what really happened behind the walls of the mansion where Osama Bin Laden has met his death.

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The filmmaker who has been under firestorm of ‘semantics arguments’ on Twitter about Bin Laden’s demise, expressed his dismay over the manner by which the American government attempted the capture leading to the terrorist leader’s killings.

Moore maintained that Bin Laden should have gone to trial. He also asserted that the Al-Qaeda leader was executed.

He tweeted: “What's so wrong w/ just saying the truth? "We executed him." Fine. I'm guessing most would applaud u. So I like trials! Call me an American!”

The director noted that America ‘lost [its] soul’ with Bin Laden’s ‘execution’.

He said: “Maybe I’m just an old-school American who believes in our judicial system.”

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