Michael Hutchence’s Half-Sister Urges His Daughter Tiger Lily to Reconnect With Her Australian Family

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Michael Hutchence left a one-year-old daughter when he took his own life in 1997. Now, Tiger Lily Hutchence Geldof is about to turn 18, and Michael’s sister is urging her to visit Australian and reconnect with her dad’s family.

Since her mother Paula Yates died of accidental heroin overdose in 2000, Tiger has been raised by Paula’s ex-husband Bob Geldof in the UK.

Tina Hutchence, Michael’s half-sister, has written an open letter to the teenager, asking Tiger to get to know her Australian heritage.

“I know Michael would want you to visit Australia, the country he loved so much. He made certain you had an Australian passport, and he desperately wanted you to spend your formative years here,” Tina wrote on New Idea.

She continued, “In his 37 years, I don’t remember seeing him look at another person as he did you, with such love.”

“You responded to his voice... the anticipation of being in his arms was such that you almost jumped out of mine when you saw him walk toward you.

“You don’t remember how he told you over and over he loved you, but I do. You don’t remember how he held you to his chest and sang in a voice so sweet and gentle until you closed your eyes and drifted off; but I do.”

Tina also urges Tiger, who turns 18 on July 22, to follow her dreams and find her inner peace. She wants her niece to visit Australia where her dad’s family is waiting for her with unconditional love.

The INXS singer was reportedly arguing with Paula on the phone on the night he died. He was upset because he wanted Paula to bring Tiger to Australia, but there had been a change of plan.

In 2000, three years after Michael’s death, Paula was found dead at her London home. Bob assumed custody of Tiger so she could be brought up with her three half-sisters.

One of her half-sisters, Peaches Geldof, was found dead just April of 2014.

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