Michael Garcia Turns Internet Hero Defending a Boy with Down Syndrome


Michael Garcia, a Laurenzo's restaurant waiter from Texas, received internet recognition for defending a 5-year-old boy with Down syndrome against another customer's offensive remarks. The waiter refused to serve the customer after hearing the remarks "special needs children need to be somewhere else."

Initially, the customer of four complained about sitting next to Kim Castillo and her son, Milo, who is with down syndrome. Garcia transferred the customer to another table but when the offensive remark was said, he immediately told the customer "Sir, I won't be able to serve you."

"My personal feelings took over. Milo wasn't being bad, he was just talking and making little noises," Garcia revealed to Fox News. Kim and Milo has been a regular customer at Laurenzo's restaurant and the child with special needs developed a close relationship with Michael Garcia.

Houston locals found out about the waiter's story after the customers left the restaurant when service was not offered to them. Currently, the waiter continues to receive numerous praises and "Thank you" messages on the social networking sites "Facebook" and "Twitter."

At the "Laurenzo's Facebook page," people wrote down their admiration for the waiter. "Thank you so much for speaking up when most just turn away," Facebook user Tisha Baker posted.

"Thank you, Mr. Garcia, for standing up for a kid with special needs. You didn't have to, but what a wonderful thing! I wish there were more people in this world like you!! Too bad I don't live in Houston. From an Illinois mom with a kid that has special needs!" Justine Witkowski wrote.

"Thank you Michael Garcia for being an honorable man and to Laurenzo's, an establishment of honor. Our society seems to be growing more rude and aggressive by the day, less tolerant of anybody with any difference," another Facebook user, Cheri Mahan Solis, commented.

"This story touches me on levels you guys down even KNOW. There need to be more people like Michael Garcia," Twitter user @XenonMazi posted.

Even Kim Castillo, mother of Milo, expressed her gratitude to Michael Garcia.

"Yay for people like Michael, Candace and Eric at Laurenzo's, also waiters who everyone should go tip heavily who not only love my son Milo for who he is - a customer and little boy with Down syndrome, but stand up for him no matter what," Kim stated.

Children like Milo are often victims of discrimination. It is a good thing a man named Michael Garcia exists, ready to offer understanding and compassion to people with learning disabilities such as Down syndrome.

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