MH370 Search Update: Where is Missing Malaysia Airlines Plane? ‘Sightings Over Maldives’ Reports Denied; Taiwanese Student Claims to Have Spotted Boeing 777

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Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 search has entered day 12, and it still continues to puzzle experts. Now more than 26 countries are scouring the oceans and more than 3 million Internet users are rummaging satellite images on a map service. Recent update denies sightings of missing Boeing 777 in Maldives as declared by the Malaysian government. Meanwhile, a new report claims that a student from Taiwan has spotted the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 while searching through satellite images.

According to a Daily Mail report based on Taiwan's China Times, a university student from Taiwan claimed to have spotted Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 in satellite images made available to Net users and Web sleuths via the map search Web site Tomnod. The image shows a plane flying in the sky over what appears to be a jungle and is claimed to be the missing jetliner.

These satellite images and the jungle over which the plane is apparently flying in the image are not yet verified by the experts. This image spotted by the Taiwanese student was also uploaded to Reddit and has reportedly caught attention of several Net users. This development has aroused a frenzy of speculation. While some question the truth behind the claim, others have pointed out that the image features a different model and not the missing Boeing 777.

Digital Globe, owner of Tomnod, reports that the area being searched is as large as 24,000 square kilometers (9,000 square miles) and more than 3 million people are using the service to help decode one of the biggest aviation mysteries of all times. Everyday, new images are added to the Web map service which now includes a new area in the Indian Ocean. According to the reports, investigators are now exploring southern Indian Ocean, where the plane is believed to have flown into.

Claims by the Taiwanese student emerged amid reports of sightings in Maldives of missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. Residents of an island called Dhaalu Atoll in the Maldives reported seeing a low-flying airplane with markings resembling that of Malaysia Airlines flight. However, Malaysia's acting Transport Minister Hishammuddin Hussein has reportedly denied any truth behind claims made by residents of this Maldives Island. Boeing 777 remains missing with 239 people on board even after wider search.

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