MH370: Police Dragged and Punched Families of Victims

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Chinese police reportedly dragged and punched the families of MH370 victims.

Families of MH370 victims who were demanding for the government to release information on the missing plane were reportedly dragged and punched by Chinese police.

Two women asserted that six Chinese police "dragged and punched" them at a police station in Beijing. One of the two women suffered injuries that she had to spend three days confined at the hospital, Hong Kong's South China Morning Post reports.

The woman was photographed by journalists wearing a neck brace while lying in a hospital bed.

Sixteen other family members interviewed by South China Morning Post revealed that they were detained by police on July 14.

They said that they were detained because they demanded access to video footage of their families boarding MH370 at Kuala Lumpur's international airport. The police alleged that the families were violating China's laws against public protest.

"The police accused us of being an organised group, and said that we had an agenda. All we wanted was to find our loved ones - people with whom we share the same blood. We were also warned that more than 10 people gathering together is illegal,"" one relative said.

Meanwhile, five-year-old daughter of MH370 flight attendant Mohd Hazrin Hasnan, Iman, is undergoing counselling to recover from the emotional distress that the tragedy had inflicted on her.

Iman's mother, Intan Maizura Othaman, also a flight attendant for the Malaysia Airlines, said that Iman does not stop crying each night ever since the tragedy happened.

"Each night, Iman, who is very close to her father, will sleep with his shirt and a framed picture of him by the bed. Often she would wake up crying and said she dreamed of her father," Othaman said.

Othaman had just given birth to their second child, Muhammad, and had been on unpaid leave for three months when the tragedy happened.

As for the celebration for the Aidilfitri, Othaman said that she is only celebrating to at least uplift the mood of their kids.

"Raya will no longer be the same for me," she said.

Malaysia's Family and Community Development Minister Datuk Seri Rohani Abdul Karim went the extra mile of visiting Iman at their home.

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