MH370: Not Military Conspiracy but “Where were the fighter jets?” Asks Emirates Chief

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The group of Defence ministers from Australia (David Johnston), New Zealand (Jonathan Coleman), United Kingdom (Philip Hammond) and Singapore (Ng Eng Hen), attending the Five Power Defence Arrangement (FPDA) assembly headed by Malaysia's defence minister Hishammuddin Hussein vowed to support the new phase of the search for the missing Malaysian flight MH370.

The ministers hoped that their combined commitment for the search would eradicate unfounded military conspiracy theories surrounding the missing plane.

The group agreed to form four committees -  a committee to be dedicated to the welfare of the grieving family members of the passengers, a committee on assets deployment, a committee of experts panel and a committee on bilateral co-operation between Malaysia, China and Australia.

"The search for MH370 had received help from various countries and such efforts will be continued  until the aircraft is found.  The ministers at the meeting expressed their sadness and sympathy to the families of the passengers and crew of MH370," Hishammuddin said as reported by Malaysiakini.

Meanwhile, baffled Emirates president Tim Clark said that MH370 would have been captured by fighter jets on the onset that the plane flew off its course.

"In my view we are all plunging down a path  that [says] 'we have got to fix this'. This is the door closing after the horse has gone 25 miles down the track. We need to know more about what actually happened to this aeroplane and do a forensic second by second analysis of it. I think we will find it and get to the bottom of it," Clark said as reported by the Sydney Morning Herald.

Clark was speaking from the International Air Transport Association's yearly meeting held in Doha Qatar.

Clark emphasised that fighter jets should have intercepted MH370 as Malaysia's primary military radar was able to spot it.

"If you were to fly from London to Oslo and then over the North Sea you turned off and then went west to Ireland, within two minutes you'd have Tornadoes, Eurofighters everything up around you. Even if you did that over Australia and the US, there would be something up. I'm not quite sure where primary radar was in all of this.''

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