MH370 Latest Conspiracy Theory: CIA Allegedly Involved in Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight’s Disappearance?

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While mystery behind missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 continues to baffle the investigators and worry people around the world, several conspiracy theories have emerged. The latest conspiracy theory claims involvement of the U.S.A.'s CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) in disappearance of MH370 flight, according to Malaysia's Utusan, a media organization.

Utusan Malaysia is a newspaper which is said to be the "mouthpiece" of Malaysia's ruling party Umno. According to The Australian, Utusan's assistant editor Ku Seman Ku Hussein raised fingers at CIA's "role" in the investigation and told that there might be some truth behind the conspiracy theory suggesting CIA's interest in the case of missing of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370.

Ku Hussein suggested that the time has come that they "think out of the box" about one of the world's biggest aviation mysteries, reports The Australian. Motive behind the involvement in the tragedy could be to taint the relations between Malaysia and China, opines the editor.

"If the attacks on the World Trade Towers in New York on 9/11 were planned by the CIA, is it impossible for this incident to be linked to the CIA as well?" argued Ku Hussein referring to the speculations over CIA's role in the infamous 9/11  terrorist attack of 2001.

While writing for the opinion column in Utusan Malaysia's weekend edition called Mingguan Malaysia, he asked if this was the work of "certain parties" to put the nation's relations with China in "jeopardy," according to The Malaysian Insider. Furthermore, he cited facts and arguments as an evidence to support his claim of blaming the CIA for MH370 disappearance.

The editor also raised questions on CNN's role. He noted CNN was all "emotional" when Malaysia denied CIA to head the search and rescue mission for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370.

"The network then fanned the anger of families and relatives in China until it has begun to threaten the relationship between the countries," said Utusan Malaysia's editor.

Some believe that conspiracy theory involving CIA in MH370 tragedy has got newspaper unfavorable publicity. John Malott of Malaysiakini said Utusan Malaysia has "become the laughing stock of Malaysian journalism, given to fabrication, conspiracy theories, paranoia, extremism and racism," reports The Australian. 

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