MH370 Haunting Revelation – Plane is Still Flying even with Confirmation of Disappearance

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On March 8 2014, at 7:24 Malaysia Time, Malaysia Airlines officially announced that it had lost contact with MH370.

"Malaysia Airlines confirms that flight MH370 has lost contact with Subang Air Traffic Control at 2.40am, today," as posted to the airlines' Facebook page.

In a probing done by ABC Four Corners' Caro Meldrum-Hanna, a chilling revelation will now haunt the world.

The world did not know that simultaneous to the announcement of the plane's disappearance, MH370 was still actually flying.  That even with the media already reporting that the passengers aboard were feared all dead, MH370 "was still somewhere in the air, flying in the opposite direction to its scheduled destination."

"That, while Malaysia Airlines officials and even the Malaysian Air Force were apparently ignoring repeated early warnings that something was badly amiss, those passengers and crew were still in the air, alive or dead, on a prolonged journey to oblivion," ABC Four Corners said.

Nik Huzlan, former chief pilot agreed with what the program's deduced from its probing.

"Oh yes. Yes, yes it was just running out of fuel. It was just having six tonnes of fuel in tanks. Yes it was flying. Chilling. When I got the message on my phone, airplane was still airborne; it's chilling," Huzlan told Meldrum-Hanna.

For Huzlan, the Malaysian Government is guilty of conspiracy.

"Conspiracy merely to protect the people who have not done the job they're supposed to do... the people who are on duty that night."

While Huzlan was somewhat elusive to name the people, Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, named them.

"The Air Force, the Malaysian Airlines, the Kuala Lumpur airport authority. I mean there's a good number of agencies involved," Ibrahim said.

Meldrum-Hanna noted that even with transponder off, even with MH370 being an unauthorised unidentified object at this point, the plane can be seen by military's radar. However, the military team, believably up to five officers on duty at Butterworth airbase,  dismissed the spotted plane.

Ibrahim explained that undeniably, these military officials breached standard operating procedure.

"The Air Force will be alerted and will have to then be flown to that area to either, you know, normally to guide the plane to land or to leave the Malaysian airspace. They're standard operating procedure and this was never done," he said.

Ibrahim insinuated that the government is hiding this information to cover a major scandal.

"Yeah I mean it's a major scandal here because ... this is of course amounting to a major threat to national security."

Curiously, Malaysia's Defence Minister, Datuk Hishammuddin Hussein was quoted saying: "If (we didn't) shoot it down, why send it (jet up)."

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