MH370 Has Been Shot Down By America Military Forces: Conspiracy Theory Goes Viral on Web; Is This Bizarre?

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In another conspiracy theory, it has come to the fore that missing Malaysia Airline MH370 may have been shot down by America.

Author John Chuckman believes that the U.S. must have gunned down the jetliner accidently or intentionally and is currently trying to cover up its activities.

Chuckman, who previously worked for an oil company, wrote on OpEdNews, "Could it be that the U.S. shot down Flight MH370, either accidentally or deliberately, and now wants to keep it secret?

"The possibility of recovery of the full wreckage, even if its location were found from 4 miles under the sea among underwater mountains is extremely remote at best, so the U.S. can remain confident that physical evidence will never emerge."

The theory was bizarre as there was no such evidence that America was involved. This was not first time that such theory has gone rampant.

Since MH370 has gone missing varied crazy theories have made rounds of Internet. From alien abduction to the flight being held in Diego Gracia, many have been said about the missing jetliner.

Chuckman noted, "There would be nothing unprecedented in such an act: on at least three occasions, regrettably, America's military has shot down civilian airliners."

"I have no idea what event (a rogue pilot, a hijacker?) led to Flight MH370 turning off its communications, changing course, and flying low, but I do know that the event could not have gone unnoticed by America's military-intelligence eyes and ears."

The search for MH370 is still on. But none of the search operations has yielded the results. MH370 disappeared while flying from Kuala Lumpur and Beijiing on March 8. It had 239 people on board and it has been more than 6 weeks that countries are involved in finding the plane. Let us know what do you think about Chuckman's conspiracy theory.

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