MH370 Found in Australia? New Hopes to Find the Plane Rise as Search Area Gets Narrowed Down to Southern Indian Ocean

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MH370 has gone missing for more than a month.  Recently, a chink of hope has risen speculating that soon the remains of Boeing 777 would be found.

Search teams have accessed signals from a particular patch of Southern Indian Ocean, which are consistent with the flight's black box. After daunting efforts for many weeks, the officials have narrowed down the search and expressed hope that they are close to finding the remains of MH370.

Angus Houston, responsible for finding the airline at Australia's West Coast, said,  "Equipment on the Australian vessel Ocean Shield had recently picked up two sounds from deep below the surface, and an analysis of two other sounds detected in the same general area showed they were consistent with a plane's flight recorders, or "black boxes," Dallas News reported.

Houston further expressed his optimism regarding the plane location. He hoped tht search area has been tightened soon the biggest mystery in the history of aviation would be resolved.

Currently, it is vital to find the flight data and cockpit voice recorders as that is the only way the flight could be found. The battery of voice recorder does not last for more than a month and if search team fails to locate the plane with the help of the recorders then it would be difficult for the search to find MH370 in deep water of about 15,000 feet.

"I believe we are searching in the right area, but we need to visually identify aircraft wreckage before we can confirm with certainty that this is the final resting place of MH370," Houston said. "For the sake of the 239 families, this is absolutely imperative."

On March 8, MH370 having 239 people on board vanished en route from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Beijing.

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