MH370 Families to Pay $5 Million to ‘Whistleblower’ Who Will Reveal Details of Missing Flight

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A mother writes message to son on board dedicated to passengers onboard missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 in Beijing
A mother writes a message to her son on a board dedicated to passengers onboard the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 at Lido Hotel, in Beijing March 24, 2014. REUTERS/Jason Lee

MH370 families revealed on Sunday, June 8 that they would launch a campaign to raise $5 million for paying the "whistleblower" who would "leak" necessary details about the missing Malaysian Airlines flight.

It was exactly three months after the flight mysteriously disappeared on March 8, leaving no trace behind. There were several rumours and conspiracy theories regarding to disappearance. Eventually, it was officially claimed that the plane had crashed into the southern part of the Indian Ocean. However, after more than two months of rigorous search under the water, there is still no sign of the missing plane. Malaysian officials have failed to provide any conclusive evidence to the families that the plane had crashed.

That is how the distressed families came up with the "Reward MH370" fundraising campaign. CNN reported that the campaign would possibly be launched on the popular crowd-funding Web site Indiegogo. "This mystery is unprecedented in the history of aviation, and we need to work as a collective community with one goal of finding the truth, the plane and the passengers," Project Leader Ethan Hunt said. According to Hunt, there is someone who knows what happened to the plane. The money is going to be an incentive for the one who will come forward to reveal the details. "Utilizing the immense potential of the crowd, we believe we can achieve our primary goal of recovering the flight where others methods have failed," he said. After the necessary details are revealed, an international investigation company will work on those leads to find the missing plane.

Australian researchers earlier revealed an underwater audio clip which could possibly reveal critical data related to the missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370. Researchers at Curtin University near Perth have been reviewing records captured by underwater listening devices. Some of the devices are kept underwater to monitor signs of nuclear explosions underwater. The university researchers have also been studying the recordings for helping the hunt of the missing plane.

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