MH370: Cover Up Hints on Husband’s Letter to World Leaders

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Pralhad Shirsath, an Indian citizen, whose wife Kranti Shirsath was one of the passengers of the missing MH370, wrote a letter to world leaders with implications that the Malaysian Government is hiding something very questionable about the missing MH370.

In his letter published by The Malay Mail Online, Shirsath reiterated that the Malaysian Prime Minister had acknowledged that the plane had intentionally diverted from its original route. Given that the disappearance was deliberate, an intentional act, with a planned purpose, he gave emphasis to the fact that the Malaysian authorities waited four hours to start search and rescue operation for the missing plane.

"It took over four hours for the Malaysian authorities to initiate the search and rescue operation indicating that the Malaysian government has provided a safe passage and an opportunity to those who diverted the plane to take it to the planned destination," the husband wrote.

With a bitter tone, Shirsath asked world leaders why nobody dared to point accusing fingers at the Malaysian government.

"Unfortunately, none of you has questioned this? None of the countries, whose nationals were on board, has demanded transparent and speedy action from the Malaysian government.  But on the contrary, you are continuing to support the Malaysian government for sharing contradictory and confusing information, delayed communication, misleading the search and rescue operation and not taking timely action to save the plane and its passengers.  This is absurd and irresponsible," Shirsath wrote.

He questioned the preliminary report on MH370 that increased more doubts in his mind and in the minds of many other family members around the world.

The preliminary report only "suggests that there is some serious cover-up going on," Shirsath alleged.

Amidst hatred, Shirsath's letter spoke of a grieving husband and a loving father.

"The MH370 incident has destroyed all our dreams that my wife and I saw together. I have to play the role of both father and mother as I am now alone supporting both of my children to get educated and follow the right path in life. However, I continue to hope that Kranti will come back to us alive, as so far I do not see any reason or evidence to lose that hope. This is the story of so many other families whose loved ones were on board MH370."

The rest of Mr Shirsath's letter can be read here.

The content of his letter spoke of the same sentiments shared by 300 family members of the 239 passengers from China, Malaysia, India, the U.S. and New Zealand.

In an open letter addressed to Malaysian Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, Ausralian Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Chinese President Xi Jinping, the families cried for Inmarsat data to be made public so "it can be subject to broader analysis by relevant experts."

"If Inmarsat's analysis is unable to rule out other flight paths as a possibility, that fact must be acknowledged. Given the lack of tangible evidence of what happened to MH370, in our view, data analysis that only indicates a probable southern flight path is an insufficient basis to support a definitive conclusion that no other flight path was possible," the families wrote in an open letter.

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