MH17: “We will bring all of them home” – PM Tony Abbott

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Speaking at a press conference in Canberra, Prime Minister Tony Abbott vows to bring all 38 Australians aboard the downed MH17 home to their loved ones.

"We will bring all of them home. We must bring all of them home and my fear is that unless we do more, unless we prepare for further possible measures, some of them will never come home and that would be completely unacceptable for bereaved families in Australia and right around the world," Mr Abbott said.

Mr Abbott admitted that the process through which the bodies were being recovered had been "quite unprofessional."

He said that as bodies were being travelled by train, there has been no official count yet.

 "It's quite possible that many bodies are still out there in the open, in the European summer, subject to interference and subject to the ravages of heat and animals."

Mr Abbott said that the government is doing all possible means to make it "a reality that we do in fact bring them all home".

He underlined that a large team of forensic expert shall scour the crash site for even the minutest lead to the investigation.

"It might be the partial remains of a loved one. It might be a small, but critical, piece of the aircraft or the missile that is the key to the investigation. What we're talking about here is what's necessary to ensure that we have a full forensic search.''

Mr Abbott added that as soon as all Australian victims are identified, the government will fly the families to the Netherlands upon the families' wish.

Meanwhile, Deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss assured that search for the missing MH370 will not be forgotten even with the Australian Transport Safety Bureau investigators now coming to Ukraine to aid with the investigation of the crash site of MH17.

Truss said that even with MH370 search chief Angus Houston now being seconded to MH17 investigation, deputy co-ordinator Judith Zielke shall be in-charge in the search operations being conducted by the Joint Agency Coordination Centre. Despite having meeting with his Malaysian counterparts delayed due to immediate MH17-related matters, Truss said that the government's commitment in finding MH370 is as strong as before.

"Our commitment to that is not in any way diminished by MH17. Clearly there have been things needed to be done urgently in relation to 17 but there is absolutely no interruption to the program for 370," Truss said.

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