MH17: Teen Brags about Mascara Looted from Victim

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Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 Memorial Outside the Dutch Embassy in Moscow
People look at flowers and messages left by local residents for victims of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17, outside the Dutch embassy in Kiev July 19, 2014. Ukraine accused Russia and pro-Moscow rebels on Saturday of destroying evidence of "international crimes" as guerrillas and foreign observers faced off over access to the wreckage of the downed Malaysian airliner. REUTERS

A pro-Russian Ukrainian teen had bragged about using mascara looted from MH17 victim. The teen had showed off the looting through her Instagram account that had been deactivated after being blasted by netizens.

The teen named Ekaterina Parkhomenko, with Instagram name zolotsoya, did not hesitate to post about her looting even with the worldwide coverage that the tragedy was getting. She took photo of herself in full make-up while holding the green tube mascara. She even told her followers where she got the mascara.

"Mascara from Amsterdam, or rather from the field. Well, I think you know what I mean," she posted.

Parkhomenko admitted that she did not "collected" the mascara herself but that it came "from a familiar friend, Russian website reports.

Parkhomenko decribed herself as a "separatist" who is"just sick of all this Ukrainian stuff. Sick and terribly furious."

The teen was condemned by some netizens and called her bragging "disgusting and horrific." She deactivated her account after her followers continued to scrutinize her.

Parkhomenko is from the eastern city of Torez, in Donetsk province in eastern Ukraine - pro-Russian region - that was identified as the crash site of the MH17.

Parkhomenko's case was only one among the reported looting happening in the crash site of MH17.

Families of the victims have reported that when they dialled the mobile numbers of their loved ones, there were strangers answering the calls. They said that the people at the other end of the line have "eastern European-sounding voices", the Netherlands' De Telegraaf reported.

The journalists who were given permission to observe the crash site reported that mobile phones, wallets, gadgets and jewellery were being looted from the site.

One vide from a local news agency showed a man, seemingly a militant, stealing a ring found among the wreckage. There were also militants who were rummaging the wreckage for pertinent government and diplomatic papers carried by the passengers in the flight.

The crash site measures 50 square kilometers and anyone who would want to visit the area were being allowed as long as they secure permission from the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic.

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