MH17: Shorten Calls For Strongest Possible Reaction Against Culprit

Perth parents of a victim walk near wreckage of the downed Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 near the village of Hrabove
George and Angela Dyczynski walk near wreckage of the downed Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17, during their visit to the crash site near the village of Hrabove (Grabovo), in Donetsk region July 26, 2014. According to local media, the Perth-based couple's daughter Fatima was aboard the Malaysia Airlines plane en route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur when it was brought down in eastern Ukraine, where separatists are battling government forces, on July 17.

Federal Opposition Leader Bill Shorten expressed his support with the current government if it decides to wage the strongest possible reaction against the person or country responsible for downing the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17.

In a condolence motion for the MH17 victims held in Federal Parliament on Tuesday, Shorten agreed with Prime Minister Tony Abbott saying that the seeking of justice shall not be avoided.

Shorten's statement indicates Labor's support if the Abbott government chooses to ban Russian president Vladimir Putin from the G20 summit in Brisbane to be held in November.

"The weapons of death were sophisticated and could not have been built automatically by the people who used them. So let me be very clear, I have the gravest reservations about welcoming to Australia anyone in the future who's engaged in this act of terror," Shorten said during the Parliament meeting.

Mr Abbott, on the other hand, focused in announcing about the memorial for MH17 passenger that is to be erected in the garden of the Parliament House in time for the tragedy's first year on July 17 2015.

Mr Abbott said that the memorial shall remind that the passengers aboard MH17 will never, ever be forgotten.

"Children lost parents, parents lost children, and an aching void opened in hundreds of lives made worse by the wanton cruelty of shooting down a passenger jet. We could not bring them back. But we, here in this Parliament, promise to bring them home and to seek justice for their families," he said in his speech.

As for the identification of the bodies, Mr Abbott admitted that the process was "very, very slow process."

But he assured that as security conditions improve recovery efforts will resume.

Meanwhile, the families of Albany couple Arjen and Yvonne Ryder releases a statement saying that they are not seeking retribution against those responsible for the tragedy. They said that they wish Ukraine peace and wished not to incite more violence.

The family members expressed their continued prayers for peace amidst the Ukraine/Russian conflict.

They thank the Australian Federal Police for their prompt and very professional handling of the identification process.

The statement also thanked the Australian government, in particular Mr Abbott, the Governor General and the Foreign Minister and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade officials.

The family had also expressed its sincere gratitude for Malaysia Airlines.

"We also would like to thank Malaysia Airlines for their support and professionalism through this crisis. Despite the high personal price paid by some of their staff members and the enormous pressure on their business, they have gone above and beyond in supporting us as a family as we go through the grieving process."

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