Meteor Strike Reported in Canada with ‘Flash of Blue Light’ & ‘Shockwave’

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A meteor apparently entered the Canada sky as several people claimed that they witnessed a "flash of blue" and heard "a loud boom" in Ontario.

Even though scientists are yet to confirm the claim, social media have already gone crowded with photos confirming the claim. The American Meteor Society reportedly has around a dozen investigations pending, related to claims of meteor strike in Canada. CTV News reported that several people claimed that they had seen "something" which resembled a meteor trail. It took place in the Greater Toronto Area on Sunday, May 4.

There was even a video posted on YouTube that showed a streak of light resembling a meteor. A person was apparently moving in a car while he captured the video near Toronto. The meteor strike in Canada, as claimed, happened a day before the Eta Aquarid meteor shower which occurs every year. NASA said that the annual "show" was to be expected on May 5 and 6 at night. The natural phenomenon takes place every year during spring when the earth moves past the trail of debris from the Halley's Comet.

Southern Ontario residents along with some of their U.S. counterparts claimed watching a meteor. The "lightning bolt" as well as the "hearing and feeling a rumble," as described by CBC News, was confirmed by many. An Ontario resident wrote on Twitter that she assumed that it was either an explosion or an earthquake as she felt her house vibrate.

According to Peter Brown - Western University professor and Canada Research Chair, the eyewitness reports and images shared on social media were consistent with a meteor. Brown happens to be an expert in comets and meteors. He called it a "pretty massive event" with "lots of mass." He said that there was a "good chance" that the reported meteor would make it to the ground. He also said that several microphones at the university did detect a shockwave during Sunday afternoon.

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