Meteor Sighting: Bright Light Spotted Streaking in the Sky Over Vancouver, Possible Trace of Perseid Meteor Shower

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In Vancouver, a bright light was spotted streaking across the night sky on Monday, Aug. 18. The sighting has thrilled some space enthusiasts because the object seen in the sky could still be a part of the 2014 Perseid meteor shower.

The witnesses who saw the bright light that had a white or yellow colour thought the object was a meteor. According to a CTV News Vancouver report, the sighting took place at about 10:15 p.m. where the spectators across British Columbia's Lower Mainland shared the meteor sighting experience on social media sites like Twitter.

As for the witnesses located between Vancouver and the Fraser Valley to Bellingham, Washington, they reported the sighting of the bright object on the American Meteor Shower website. A Washington State user identified as Shanni described the sighting as seeing an object with a size half of the moon falling down in a slow motion.

In a report, Derek Kief of the H.R. Macmillan Space Center claims the object spotted on the sky was a meteor. According to Kief, the object recently spotted was probably a trace from the Perseid meteor shower that peaked on Aug. 12 and 13. Click HERE to see photo.

"What happens is as we go through the comet's tail that's left behind from the comet's trajectory around space, all of these little particles - these small pieces of dust and rock, as well as ice, primarily - get burnt up in our atmosphere," Kief explained before adding that the size of the meteor has something to do with its brightness.

Derek Kief further explained that the brightness of the object that the observers saw was caused through friction and strong air resistance that is capable of lighting the trace on fire. The scenario is comparable to the rubbing of hands together where friction is created.

"The same thing is happening but on quite significantly, astronomically speaking, larger scales. So, the reason why it would be so bright and last so long is because it's so much bigger," Kief declared. The 2014 Perseid meteor shower already peaked last Aug. 12 and 13 with a "Supermoon" getting in the way of the display but the space event will still take place until Sunday, Aug. 24, where a bright meteor can be spotted as part of the annual astronomical phenomenon.

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