Metallic & Large-Screen iPhone 6 on Release Date ‘Showcased’ in Hong Kong Fair – Reports

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Months before its rumoured release date, the iPhone 6 fever appears to grip China as a supposed metal mock-up of the device surfaced in Hong Kong this week.

The 'creation' was from an exhibitor who clearly wants to capitalise on the anticipation build up surrounding the iPhone 6. At best, according to Apple Insider, the device mock-up represents the prevailing belief in China that the sequel to the iPhone 5S is landing soon and it is a major improvement - both in appearance and functions.

Along that line, two related leaks were reported by BGR that allegedly are in synch with speculations that the next iPhone will come out of the box supersized. The iPhone 6 front panel and its battery, said the same report, strongly suggest that Apple has finally ditched the 4-inch profile in favour of more real estate in the iPhone 6.

All these clues apparently paint a picture that the device on debut time will boasts of a screen size that is proximate to the 5-inch scale, which fits with analysts' projections that viewing window of the upcoming iPhone will likely stretch between 4.5-inch and 6-inch, tops.

In fact, Ming-chi Kuo of KGI Securities is firmly convinced that the iPhone will come in two variants - a 4.7-inch model that will see the light of the day in September 2014 and a 5.5-inch build, the first iPhone phablet, that gets unwrapped around Christmas time this year.

Kuo added in his extensive research note last week that both iPhones are a huge jump from the past models - bigger, prettier and more powerful. The analyst, known for his mostly accurate Apple intel in the past, is so confident of his information the he forecasted a total of 60 million iPhones to be shipped out by the end of 2014.

This early, the projection makes sense as details about the next iPhone seem to converge on the possibility that Apple is building a device with key characteristics that users have fell in love with in the past and more.

Apart from being metallic and powerful, recent information also suggests that an entirely new design language is in place that will make the iPhone 6 more inviting. It will be slimmer, lighter and packed with incredible features and functionalities that will overwhelm the competition, chief of which is the recently issued Samsung Galaxy S5.

Per Kuo, the 5S replacement has a tougher build inside and out, thanks to largely to its more durable housing that Apple patents and rumours hinted will be a shell made of Liquidmetal plus sapphire glass and coating.

The latter is especially true with the 5.5-inch iPhone 6, which Kuo described as the high-end model.

On its release date, likely to happen between September and November 2014, the iPhone 6 is powered by the combo of a 64-bit A8 CPU and iOS 8 plus the anticipated killer features stuffed with the new mobile platform.

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