Metallic Galaxy S5 On Course for Q2 2014 Release Date but No AMOLED Display Panel – Reports

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Samsung's 2014 flagship, the Galaxy S5, will skip both the CES and MWC 2014 editions, a new report said, and its release date is instead set either in April or May this year.

Pointing to tech industry insider Eldar Murtazin as source, Gotta Be Mobile reported this week that the handset replacing the Galaxy S4 will not come out in the next few weeks. Instead, the device will be rolled out in the second quarter of 2014.

Debut time will likely happen around March, which replicates the release calendar followed by Samsung for the GS4 in 2013.

"Galaxy S5 won't be on MWC 2014 ... May 1 start of sales like S4, so launch date around March (2014) like S4," Murtazin's Twitter post on Jan 5 was reported by GBM as saying.

The same source also indicated that Samsung is using a different design language with the Galaxy S5 - that the device will sport a metallic body build as earlier reported. Proof of this is the circulating Galaxy F, which according to Murtazin is a Galaxy S5 prototype that is wrapped in metal.

He clarified too that 'F' actually stands for fashion, hinting that the upcoming Galaxy S5 will both be chic and powerful.

In a separate report, the Galaxy S5 appears to be on course for a Q2 2014 rollout and to ensure that it will happen without delay, Samsung is reportedly ditching its signature AMOLED display panel for the GS5.

In its stead, a Quad HD screen will be used. The QHD panel, GBM said, will be supplied by Sharp Display of Japan.

Though AMOLED will not be part of the whole GS5 package, the handset will keep its 5.2-inch screen profile, which has been suggested when an alleged aluminium chassis of the smartphone was leaked out in late 2013.

Sharp was tapped to manufacture the QHD display for the GS5 in order to dodge a possible production glitch if AMOLED is used for the handset's volume production.

And in preparation for the second quarter commercial availability, Murtazin hinted too that Samsung is likely to stage an elaborate event sometime in late March or April 2014 that will serve as the Galaxy S5 Unpacked for this year.

Then as mentioned above, the international rollout will follow in the immediate weeks, likely falling between late April and early May.

On release date, the Galaxy S5 is also rumoured to show off the following killer specs and features: an overlapping display panel with 2K pixel resolution, 32GB of basic storage space, 16MP rear cam shooter and a TouchWiz-skinned Android OS KitKat 4.4.2.

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