MET GALA 2013: Creepy Eye-Make-Up at the Punk Meets Elegance Affair

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Yes, the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute Gala might require celebrities coming in a costume, especially with this year's theme "Punk: Chaos to Couture." Celebrities were expected to come a little edgy than they usually are. Fans expect a display of smart punk fashion more than ever. Fashion enthusiasts were on the lookout for that particular celebrity who will, indeed, turn 'chaos' into 'couture'.

But then...

There are celebrities, women celebrities, who might just misunderstand this year's theme to a Halloween theme with their creepy eye make-up. Or maybe, just maybe, with their busy schedules, they have jumbled 'chaos to couture' to 'couture to chaos', hence there was chaos all over their faces.

Elle Fanning, a girl with so much potential, attended the met with her layered blue, orange and blush pink eye-make-up and thus put an end to all her potential. Her eye make-up came off with colors resembling a tie-dyed shirt. It was made all the more creepy with its shades scattered round up her eyebrows with some already reaching the sides of her forehead. Maybe, her make-up artist aimed for a mystical sweet fairy look to match her white dress (where's the punk in there?!). The make-up, though, was more appropriate if Elle is coming to an Avatar movie shoot.

Kristen Stewart came as if she was still promoting Twilight with her red and black eye shadow circling her eyes with darker shades of red extending to the part between her eyebrows and her nose. She looked as if she was in misery. Posing with her famous smirk did not help her alleviate the chaos that she was that night. No, she was not promoting Twilight, she was promoting Walking Dead.

January Jones might have bought all the liquid eye liner available a week before the MET and cram the night before that she decided to empty all bottles to be used as her eye make-up that night. But unfortunately all those bottles were not enough to cover her lower eyelids, tsk tsk. She needed to be thrifty with her eyes to afford those tiny black gemstones attached on the sides of her nose.

Lily Collins was the only celebrity who could pull off such thick brows. Her eyebrows framed her face in such a sweet way but having two eyebrows was way overboard. Her eye brown make-up was connected to the tip of her eyebrows creating an effect that one, she has double eyebrows (that made it four) or two, her original eyebrows was so thick it created shadow on its own.

Ginnifer Goodwin should have snatched an award for the creepiest eye-make-up award for Met Gala 2013. She was creepy in all the sense of the word. It looked as though she used pure charcoal to blacken her eye lids round up her eyebrows. Just when people thought that there can't be anything blacker than her eye make-up, her eyebrows proved them all wrong. Her make-up artist was probably aiming a Black Swan effect, but from the look of Ginnifer's face, it was the 'Blackest Swan'.

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