Mercedes Tribute to Heath Ledger: Why So Serious? Says the Joker on the Hood

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The Joker - a character played by many actors in many of the Batman films but none so fine as Health Ledger's posthumously released "The Dark Knight". He won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for the same in 2008, given posthumously.  And in yet another tribute, there's a Mercedes-Benz R-Class that has hooded the villain to immortality. Fans of Heath will find this especially touching if they also happen to be in love with a Mercedez.

The wrapping shows the joker on the hood of the R-class with the text 'Why so serious?' -the text is also repeated at the rear of the car. The theme of Dark Knight has also been used for other part of the vehicle and the makeover has been done by Russia-based Re-Styling.

The side panels of the car show a gradual spattering of white to black - a white hood that goes off to a black rear with batman silhouettes. This is one car Heath and Mercedes fanatics would not want to miss - to see, drive or own!  With the joker on the hood, batman on the side and the 'Why so serious?' text on the rear - Mercedes-Benz R-Class may be on its way out - but it paid a fitting tribute to one of the saddest losses of Hollywood in the recent past.

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