'The Mentalist' Season 7 Updates: Jisbon Fans Wait Longer; Bruno Heller, Simon Baker Hope Fans Want More [SPOILERS, VIDEO]

When will 'The Mentalist' Season 7 premiere on CBS?
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"The Mentalist" Season 7 is not part of CBS fall schedule, an entertainment site confirms. Jisbon fans will wait longer, but series creator Bruno Heller and lead actor Simon Baker are optimistic the fans will be waiting for the show's return.

Spoiler alert: This feature contains spoilers on The Mentalist Season 6, Episode 22 (season finale). Read at your own risk.

CBS does not have The Mentalist Season 7 in the fall return of its regular primetime shows. A Deadline report raised the possibility that the Bruno Heller creation might have just thirteen (13) episodes in its next chapter. Further in the report, it was also noted this seventh chapter might also be the final season.

Heller earlier said the fans will respond positively to the Season 6 finale of The Mentalist. Using the word "satisfied," Heller was clearly referring to Jisbon (Jane and Lisbon) fans who have always wanted the two characters to end up together.

Simon Baker, who plays the titular mentalist Patrick Jane, also expressed his optimism that fans of the series will anticipate The Mentalist Season 7. Baker said the "closure" in the Season 6 finale "will leave [the fans] craving more."

Meanwhile, Joe Adler, who plays FBI Agent plays Jason Wylie, has been promoted to series regular, according to Deadline. Amanda Righetti and Owain Yeoman are not likely to return to the series as regulars, given their characters' storylines in The Mentalist Season 6.

When will 'The Mentalist' Season 7 premiere on CBS?

Fans are already speculating on the possible stories in The Mentalist Season 7. One, there could be a time jump, such that Jane and Teresa Lisbon (Robin Tunney) are already married at the season premiere. Two, the whole seventh season will show how the new couple adjust to their new relationship.

However, it must be noted that not all avid viewers of The Mentalist are Jisbon fans. Many viewers have noted in social media channels that Jane should be given much bigger cases now that he is with the FBI. The last big case in Jane's hand involved human trafficking for vital organs.

WATCH: The Mentalist Season 6, Episode 22, Blue Bird (Season Finale) | CBS on YouTube

The Mentalist Season 7 is hoped to return later in the year instead of early 2015. Despite the reported ratings drop, the series remains in the list of many crime drama viewers.

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