‘The Mentalist’ Season 7 Premiere Date Unknown; Robin Tunney, Tim Kang Send Love on Twitter; Filming and Casting in Progress

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"The Mentalist" Season 7 premiere date remains unknown, but various reports mention the series will return "mid-season" on CBS. On Twitter, Tim Kang (Kimball Cho) and Robin Tunney (Teresa Lisbon) are sending fans some love and sharing filming photos. On casting news, it has been confirmed Morena Baccarin is coming back as Erica Flynn.

The Mentalist Season 7 premiere will see some casting changes. Morena Baccarin is in, Emily Swallow is out. Still, it is not clear whether Baccarin's Erica Flynn will be seen in more than one episode.

The last time Erica Flynn was seen speaking to Simon Baker's Patrick Jane, she is exactly where she wanted to be - jail-free. She implies she'd be seeing Jane again, and the series created by Bruno Heller is keeping that promise.

"Jane teams up with Erika Flynn in Beirut, Lebanon, where he and Lisbon have gone at the request of the CIA to take down an international weapons dealer. Erika has agreed to help Jane and the CIA in exchange for a pardon on the murder charges she's still facing," Entertainment Weekly described the episode gist here.

Meanwhile, Emily Swallow, who joined The Mentalist for a full season a year ago, is reportedly not coming back for The Mentalist Season 7. Emily's reply to this Twitter post somewhat cements the unconfirmed report, but details have yet to be clarified. The actress reportedly has a new TV gig.

Still joining Simon Baker, Robin Tunney, and Tim Kang in The Mentalist Season 7 is Rockmond Dunbar as FBI Agent Dennis Abbott. Supposedly replacing Emily Swallow is Josie Loren ("Make It or Break It") who will portray the role of FBI newbie Michelle Vega.

Fans of The Mentalist who have been missing Kimball Cho could log on to Twitter to see some of The Mentalist Season 7 filming posts that actor Tim Kang has been sharing with his followers. Rockmond Dunbar and Robin Tunney are also on the microblogging site.

This is one of the Instagram photos that Robin Tunney has shared with fans on Twitter. (This is believed to be taken on the filming set of The Mentalist Season 7.)

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