The Mentalist Season 6 Spoilers: Is this the Last Season? 'Teresa Lisbon' Dishes Simon Baker, Patrick Jane and Red John Thoughts

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The Mentalist Season 6 is going to identify and catch Red John, this has been spilled by the creator of the series himself, Bruno Heller. Robin Tunney talks Simon Baker, teases fans about this development and dishes some scoop about what more is coming up in the CBS series. Is this the last season for the CBI and Patrick Jane?

In an interview with Digital Spy, Tunney reiterates what Heller has said about the seven Red John suspects. They are the real deal. And the real Red John will be revealed in The Mentalist Season 6.

"Apparently, we're gonna find Red John in Season 6," Tunney says. It remains to be seen whether Patrick Jane himself would catch Red John, or someone else will. There are speculations that there are 2 or more people in Jane's list of suspects who could be helping RJ.

"They haven't told me who Red John is, maybe they think I have a big mouth," jokes Tunney, adding The Mentalist could be serialized next season. She notes the series has been running a long time and a new format could help spruce things up for the viewers. Season 6 could be "all about finding Red John."

Asked whether the show could go on after Patrick Jane catches Red John, Tunney goes for an indirect answer. "Personally, I feel that people watch the show because they like to watch Simon Baker," she laughs. She also speaks on how the audience varies in America and Europe. In the U.S. fans of the series are relatively old, she says. The common area of interest, who apparently transcends age, is Simon Baker, Tunney says. On a serious note, she adds the viewers are also interested in Patrick Jane, the character.

"The idea of it ending would be great as well," Tunney notes, as if hinting she is aware the series could possibly end in 2014.

Is Red John also Patrick Jane? Definitely not, Heller has said in a separate interview. "I hope he isn't," says Tunney, joking that her character would have been sexually obsessing about a serial killer. Perhaps the Lisbon and Jane romance would be explored further next season. But Tunney notes Jane has become a much darker and more detached character at this point.

Should The Mentalist end the show with the capture of Red John?

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