The Mentalist Season 6 Spoilers: Final Season, Robin Tunney (Teresa Lisbon) Speaks Up on Red John Capture [PHOTOS]


The Mentalist Season 6 spoilers are not revealing much to the avid fans of the series. There are a few updates here and there, but the showrunners have probably said more than enough. Creator Bruno Heller was very clear: Red John will be caught next season. It may or may not be the last of the CBS procedural drama. Meanwhile, Robin Tunney revealed she learned of Red John's eventual capture in online reports.

In earlier interviews, Bruno Heller confirmed Red John will be caught in The Mentalist Season 6. He also categorically contradicted speculations that Patrick Jane is Red John himself. He did not specifically state that the sixth season is the last chapter, but such possibility was read between the lines, anyway. Tunney, for her part, is convinced the series could end when Red John is caught.

Speaking to Télé Magazine when she flew to Paris to promote the series, Tunney said she did not know Red John will be caught next season. The Mentalist's Teresa Lisbon has apparently been kept out the loop.

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"It is possible (The Mentalist Season 6 is the last chapter). It's strange because Bruno Heller has announced on the Internet, before telling us in person, that we will find Red John during Season 6. And that Season 6 could be the last. When I went to the Monte-Carlo TV Festival, all the journalists asked me to confirm this news. But I didn't know. I would have loved to know beforehand. Everyone knew besides me," she said. (Is there a hint of offense taken in the statement?)

The Mentalist Season 6 Spoilers: Jane, Lisbon, Jisbon

Among The Mentalist spoilers circulating on the internet, the most important so far is that Red John is in fact in Patrick Jane's list of seven suspects. It does not, however, mean that only one name is involved in Red John's murders. Others on the list could be accomplices.

Teresa Lisbon will struggle against acting normally around her boss, CBI Director Gale Bertram. Cho will notice his boss' odd behaviour, and might be the next to know more about Jane's suspects.

In another spoiler from Robin, she said the next season will be serialised, as in there will be less stand-alone episodes.

Jisbon shippers among The Mentalist fans can't expect their favourite couple to be all romantic and dreamy on the height of Red John chase. But who knows?

Mark your calendars. The Mentalist Season 6 premiere date is on Sept. 29 (Sunday) on CBS, after the 5th season premiere of "The Good Wife."

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