'The Mentalist' Season 6, Episode 11 Spoilers: Watch Patrick Jane, Teresa Lisbon Start Anew; Bad News for Jisbon Shippers?

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"The Mentalist" Season 6, Episode 11 spoilers reveal Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) and Teresa Lisbon (Robin Tunney) are starting over in their dating life. It is good that these two are starting anew in their personal lives. Jisbon shippers, however, might not like to watch it happen. Details in the spoilers below. Creator Bruno Heller explains.

Spoiler alert: This feature contains minor spoilers on The Mentalist Season 6, Episode 11. "White Lines" is the title of the new episode airing Jan. 5 on the U.S. network CBS.

Red John is gone. Even as many fans were disappointed by the ending, Heller is not hinting the CBS crime series is ending this season. With the crimson nemesis out of Jane's way, starry-eyed Jisbon fans are hoping the two would finally be together. But Heller is not rushing into that.

"When several DEA agents are murdered, the FBI is assigned to find the killer, which sends Jane on a date with a gorgeous woman linked to the case," reads the episode synopsis of The Mentalist 6x11 on TV.com.

Agent Kim Fischer (Emily Swallow) continues to have Patrick Jane under her control. Some fans suspect she'll make a triangle out of the Jisbon ship. But in The Mentalist Season 6, Episode 11, Jane asks another woman out on a date. He doesn't ask either Lisbon or Fischer.

Teresa Lisbon herself is not waiting for Jane to realize that it's time for him to move on. She's getting a boyfriend by Episode 15 or 16, reports Entertainment Weekly.

Brianna Brown guest stars on "White Lines" aka The Mentalist Season 6, Episode 11. Known as Taylor in Lifetime's "Devious Maids," Brianna nails the look of a vulnerable, hypersensitive woman. What kind of character does she play in The Mentalist, and why would Patrick Jane ask her out?

Spoilers are scarce about Brianna Brown's guesting contract on The Mentalist, but fans should not worry much. Even as Teresa Lisbon would be in a relationship, series creator Bruno Heller says it's necessary.

"In order for her to fulfill herself - even if she eventually fulfills herself with Jane, which she may or may not do - she has to find other relationships, other perspectives, other people who love her, just to feel fully who she is," Heller said.

Watch out for The Mentalist Season 6, Episode 12, Jisbon fans. Heller says there's something special between Teresa and Jane in this episode airing Jan. 12. It will highlight "a new side of the relationship between Jane and Lisbon."

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