The Mentalist Season 6: Brett Partridge or Bob Kirkland? A Review of Patrick Jane's 7 Red John Suspects - Who is RJ?

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The Mentalist Season 6 will identify Red John for the avid viewers of the CBS procedural drama. This is the promise of series creator Bruno Heller. Here's a quick look into Patrick Jane's 7 RJ suspects. Who will get caught by the end of the sixth chapter?

The Mentalist Season 6: A Review of Patrick Jane's 7 Red John Suspects

1. Bret Stiles. Bret is quite a remarkable, easy to remember recurring character. He is the head of the Visualize Self-Realization cult, which the CBI has encountered in a number of cases. He has mysterious links to Red John. Patrick Jane was able to get in touch with Loreleo Martins through Bret's help. However, he seems to be too busy with other cult matters to do RJ's killings.

2. Gale Bertram. CBI Director Bertram would be a good Red John candidate if he weren't a rather poor poker player. It is curious, though, that Jane still included him on the list despite giving him some card game tricks.

3. Ray Haffner. Reed Diamond has been in other TV shows (Bones, White Collar) playing the suspicious sway character or the absolute bad guy. It will not be surprising if Haffner turns out to be Red John. He is a member of Visualize, and he may have been responsible for a Red John murder in a Visualize property 1988.

4. Reede Smith. The Mentalist fans enjoy looking into anagrams and word associations. Bruno Heller is often perceived to be playing with the viewers this way. FBI agent Reede can be a variant of Red. Reede Smith is an anagram for "the red is me." But so far, he has only appeared in one episode: 0501 ("The Crimson Ticket").

5. Bob Kirkland. Homeland Security agent Bob Kirkland made a curious appearance on the 100th episode of The Mentalist. It is only assumed it was him (the man in the limo with an FBI agent), but there have been clues validating such suspicion. He has a copy of Jane's investigative materials. Perhaps this is how Red John got inside Jane's head and named his seven suspects accurately. It seems, however, that Kirkland is more of a right hand than RJ himself.

6. Sheriff McAllister. Patrick Jane encountered Sheriff  Thomas McAllister on the second episode of The Mentalist Season 1 ("Red Hair and Silver Tape").  Not much is known about him, except he has specifically asked Jane if he were a psychic. Jane said no, and later beat him in a serial game of Rock, Paper, Scissors.

7. Brett Partridge. This forensic investigator has so far sandwiched all The Mentalist episodes. He appears on the pilot episode and the Season 5 finale. He has also appeared in other episodes. Many fans are convinced he is Red John. In the pilot, he expresses an odd admiration for RJ's work. In the Season 5 finale, he makes a comment that the murder of Lorelei Martins is a personal matter. As far as many fans are concerned, there is about 80% to 90% chance Red John is Brett Partridge.

If Red John turns out to be Bertram, Teresa Lisbon's world as law enforcer will be shattered. In some The Mentalist Season 6 spoilers, it is noted Lisbon will find it difficult to look him in the eye.

Finally, it is important for fans to take note that despite a popular belief, Patrick Jane is not Red John. Bruno Heller confirms that himself. So, who do you think is the evil murderer among the seven?

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