The Mentalist Season 5: Red John and Agent Kirkland vs Patrick Jane?

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The Mentalist is coming back next week (Apr. 21) for what seems to be another Red John special. This is expected, as the series is nearing its Season 5 finale. Mystery agent Robert Kirkland is back, and Patrick Jane will keep an eye out for his moves.

'The Mentalist' Season 5, Episode 19: Red Letter Day

On, the synopsis for the next new episode of Mentalist reads:

"The CBI investigate when the owner of a wild west tourist town is found dead. Agent Kirkland attempts to discover just how much Jane knows about Red John."

In the last episode, viewers saw how Homeland Security agent Bob Kirkland killed Jane's latest Red John key, Jason Lennon. This man, who was shot by the late Lorelei Martins, was instrumental to having Martin's sister raped and murdered. Before killing Lennon, Kirkland repeatedly asked whether the man has seen him in the past. Everything got more suspicious from there. At the same time, many viewers become convinced that Kirkland is not Red John.

Kirkland couldn't be Red John because the latter seems to be sticking to a single manner of killing. Red John signs with a bloody smiley face. His minions, however, attack every time one of their own is caught in a corner. This brings many viewers back to the age-old Red John suspects: Brett Partridge, Ellis Mars, Ray Haffner, and Oscar Ardiles, among others. Still, we have yet to hear Jane's thoughts about him.

But Jane is on to Kirkland. The look on Jane's face after learning that Lennon died and Kirkland was the last to have seen him alive says it all. They come face to face again in the next episode, and we might see Jane updating his list of Red John suspects. There are only a couple of episodes left in The Mentalist Season 5. Will Kirkland and Jane bring it on the season finale?

A "red letter day" is supposed to be a happy, jovial occasion. The question is: who will be the happy one(s) in the upcoming episode - Red John or Patrick Jane?

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