The Mentalist Season 5: Is Patrick Jane Getting Closer to Red John?

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"The Mentalist" actor Owain Yeoman tells the followers of the series that the fictional CBI "will get within inches of Red John."

Yeoman, who plays Rigsby, recently had the biggest acting challenge in the CBS series. William Forsythe returns to the series as Rigsby's father.

Spoiler Alert: Skip to the next paragraph if you have not watched Season 5 Episode 4: "Blood Feud."  

Rigsby is forced to confront his father again, but they did not have much time together this time. His father dies after getting shot at in the middle of a gang war.

In an interview with Digital Spy, Yeoman acknowledges his character has grown up.

"He's transitioned into more serious problems - he's got his job on the line, he's lost the woman that he truly loves and he probably still hasn't given up on her, he's had an unwanted pregnancy..."

"(T)here's an awful lot of real-life adult problems that I think would force anyone to grow up really quickly," he said.

The Mentalist: Characters growing up, moving forward?

If the supporting characters are growing up, the lead character must be getting closer to realizing their goal, too. In the case of "The Mentalist," Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) has undoubtedly made serious progress in tracking his nemesis, Red John.

As seen in the 100th episode of the series, CBI had nothing on Red John until Jane joined the agency as a consultant. Now Jane is on his way to get Lorelei (Emmanuelle Chriqui) back. As the only exposed accomplice to Red John, Lorelei could lead Jane straight to Red John or vice versa.

 What does Yeoman think of Jane getting closer to Red John?

The Mentalist and Red John, Face to Face Soon?

"I think the big question has been, 'When will we see Red John?' and the challenge that Bruno Heller has as the show creator is that it's the raison d'etre for the show - if you take away Jane's hunt for Red John, the serial killer who killed his wife and child, you take away his whole reason for being and his whole reason for being in the CBI, so it's a fine balancing act of how much you can tease it out without boring an audience," Yeoman said.

"Bruno's been very tactical this year and promised we will get within inches of Red John," he added.

Could this be the season in which The Mentalist finally comes face to face with Red John? Avid viewers stay tuned.

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