The Mentalist Season 5 Ep 13, 'The Red Barn:' Could Red John be Oscar Ardiles?

Another 'Visualize' episode coming up

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The Mentalist Season 5 Episode 13 will not air until next week, but this is one episode worth waiting for, considering the recent developments in the series. After Volker's arrest, Patrick Jane and Teresa Lisbon will be dealing with Visualize again. Several possibilities lay ahead as viewers wonder whether DA guy Oscar Ardiles is Red John himself. (If only Visualize leader Bret Stiles would spill already.)

The Mentalist Season 5 Ep 13, ‘The Red Barn:’ Could Red John be Oscar Ardiles? (Image: Tumblr)

The Mentalist Season 5: Jane Gets Closer to Red John through Connections

Tommy Volker first appeared on seventh episode of The Mentalist Season 5 ("If It Bleeds, It Leads"). He is seen watching with pleasure as a potential CBI witness is strangled to death by his hired killer. In this same episode, Robert Kirkland surfaced to warn Lisbon against pursuing Volker. Speculations on both men's Red John connection quickly ran through the viewers' thoughts.

Next week's episode will bring CBI's attention back to Visualize. Detectives will look into a 25-year-old case with links to Visualize and Red John. This develops as Lisbon contemplates her future following Volker's arrest.

Here are five of the many 'Mentalist' questions circling among the viewers of the CBS show created by Bruno Heller:

1. How is Bret Stiles, Visualize leader, connected to Red John? He could be an accomplice. He could also be an enemy. It was Stiles who led Jane to the catatonic Kristina Frye. He also helped Jane recover Lorelei Martins. Either Stiles is playing Jane as part of Red John's schemes, or he, too, has been following Red John's movements to protect his followers.

2. When will Robert Kirkland return? He is believed to be the guy in the limo (with FBI Agent Alexa Shultz) on the 100th episode of the series, "Red Dawn." Some viewers suspected he could be Red John, others pointed out he does not fit Lorelei's clue - someone who had exchanged a handshake with Jane.

3. How is Volker connected to Red John? Due to his cold-blooded nature, Volker had also been suspected to be Red John himself, or an accomplice. However, his sloppy, panicky moves in the most recent episode quashed those speculations. But if Kirkland, who has a Red John connection is in his tail, he could also be in the serial killer's network.

4. Could Oscar Ardiles be Red John? He first appeared on the penultimate Season 3 episode. He works at the DA's office, so he frequenly works with the CBI team. He represented the DA against Jane in the killing of Timothy Carter. He is in Jane's list of suspects. Sleuthing viewers pointed out the title of Season 5 Episode 9, "Red Sails in the Sunset" is an anagram of "hunts Ardiles its seen."

5. How long before Jane catches the real Red John? The Mentalist is returning for a sixth season, and it does not appear to be the series' last.

VIDEO: Patrick Jane vs Red John -- How it all began

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