Men and Women Prefer Sex on Valentine's than Expensive Gift – Survey Finds

By @AringoYenko on

A survey from hinted that two-thirds of men and 30 per cent of women prefer having sex for the Valentine's Day over receiving and giving expensive gifts.

The Chase Blueprint Valentine's Survey, on the other hand, found that men expect their loved ones to spend at least $230 on gifts for them, while women expect that the men will spend at least $196 for them.

Those who are in a relationship expect to spend $240 on a date. Women asked during the survey said that they are willing to chip in on a date, at least $27, while the guy said they are willing to pay $98. This only goes to show that both men and women both want to spend less than what they are expecting to spend for them.

"Setting expectations for Valentine's Day spending is just one way to begin talking about finances with your significant other. Having an open and honest conversation about your financial expectations and priorities is a key to successfully managing money in any relationship," said Tom O'Donnell, senior vice president for Chase.

The survey also found that 70 per cent of the respondents still love being surprised; prefer chocolate over flowers, gadgets over jewelry and dinner out over a home-cooked meal.

In another survey from The National Retail Federation, which was participated by more than 6,400 people, found that those who were planning an out-of-town rendezvous were expecting to spend less than $134.

Also, fewer people express enthusiasm in celebrating the Valentine's Day this year compared to last year - 54 per cent in 2014, 60 per cent in 2013. But, there were still 60 per cent who give gifts to family members, 22 per cent buy gifts for friends and 20 per cent get gifts for their pets.

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