Men Lose Their Sex Appeal at 39; Younger Women View Them as Father Figures

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Former England soccer captain David Beckham arrives on Centre Court at the Wimbledon Tennis Championships, in London
Former England soccer captain David Beckham arrives on Centre Court at the Wimbledon Tennis Championships, in London Reuters

Men, after 39, lose their sex appeal and begin looking like father figures to younger ladies, reveal a study conducted by Crown Clinic in Manchester. The report was published in the Daily Express.

According to a new study, conducted by Crowne Clinic in Manchester, men after the age of 39 become sexually "invisible" to younger women. They are perceived more like a "father figure" rather than a "sex symbol" as they approach their 40s. When men are not eyed upon by women in a gathering, and when there is decrease in chatting sessions and staying late at night to throw surprises, it is an indication that the man concerned has begun losing his sex appeal.

As part of the research, response from over 1,000 people were studied to understand how younger women perceived men nearing their 40s. It was found that double chin and the first flecks of grey hair, thinning hair and bad teeth was a big "turn off" for younger women. The study also found that four out of ten men in Britain are going grey by the time they turn 40.

The reason why it happens, according to researchers, can be many, and not all of them are linked to ageing. It was found that six out of 10 women assumed that men nearing their 40s would already be "in a relationship" and so are not worth approaching.

While the research targets the average men nearing their 40s, there are quite a few celebs with very high sex appeal, even at 39. Few of them include Bradley Cooper, Claire Danes, Leonardo DiCaprio, David Beckham, Jason Sudeikis, Dex Shepard and Ryan Phillippe, among many others. However, even these celebrities who are considered "smoking hot," might be succumbing to the "invisible man" syndrome. For instance, David Beckham, who was photographed showing a grey hair in his beard last month, decided to dye his beard later since the grey hair has now disappeared!

"Turning 40 is key turning point and it is the most popular age for men to seek a hair transplant," surgeon Asim Shahmalak from the Crown Clinic said. He further added, to prove his point, "You only have to look at Robbie Williams to see how true that is. He turned 40 in February and admitted having a transplant to fill out his temples where he had started to lose his hair. He clearly didn't want to become "The Invisible Man."  He realised that a hair transplant is the one simple cosmetic procedure that men can have to improve their appearance. They are not interested in liposuction or facelifts - but they do desperately want to keep hold of their hair."

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