Melbourne YouTuber’s ‘Mickey Mouse’ Marriage Proposal Goes Viral [VIDEO]

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A Melbournite’s marriage proposal to his girlfriend has become viral. Jehan Ratnatunga staged an elaborate proposal with the help of Mickey Mouse.

Jehan wanted to incorporate all his girlfriend Vishanti’s favourites in his proposal, and so he did in quite a spectacular fashion.

“This is a very personal thing to make a YouTube video about, but it’s all about love so I’m making an exception,” Jehan explained in the video.

“The idea was to combine all the things she loves,” he continued, adding that Vish loves Michael Jackson, Will Smith, Rajnikanth, Beyonce and Minnie Mouse.

The YouTuber enlisted help from their friends, who told Vish to watch a video from her favourite Bollywood movie, “Jeans.” It wasn’t what Vish was expecting, though.

Jehan recreated the video to include Mickey and Minnie Mouse dancing instead of the film’s actors. A text on the video then appeared, asking Vish to answer the door just as the doorbell rang.

“Mickey Mouse” was at the door, leading Vish in the front yard where six more Mickey Mice appeared. The group then took their formation on the street, dancing to the songs of Vish’s favourite artists. Vish, meanwhile, was laughing the whole time.

At the end of their number, Jehan, the main mouse, removed his mask and took Vish’s hand. He knelt down on one knee and asked his girlfriend the ultimate question.

“She said yes!” he happily exclaimed to their waiting friends.

Jehan’s proposal video was uploaded on Tuesday, and has since garnered over 280,000 views on YouTube.

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