Melbourne Newborn Baby Killer: 18-Year-Old Woman Arrested for Death of Baby Hidden Under Tree

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An 18-year-old woman was arrested and charged with homicide for the death of a newborn baby discovered under a tree on a Melbourne road. The dead baby was found wrapped in a blanket under the bushes of St. Albans near the school crossing in early March.

Authorities had questioned the young woman but did not confirm if she had anything to do with the newborn baby's death. No information was given about the dead baby's gender. According to reports, it was also not known how long the newborn baby had been left hidden under a tree on Ruth Street before someone discovered the tiny corpse.

A police spokeswoman has confirmed that the young woman has been arrested and charged with homicide. Reports said the offence is equivalent to manslaughter.  It could not be confirmed if the questioned girl had any relationship with the dead baby found buried under a tree.

The woman, whose identity remains unknown to the public, appeared in Melbourne Magistrates Court on March 28.

According to sources, the newborn baby was found alone on the road under the tree by authorities. It was noted that a family member had informed the police after the body was found. The police had returned to the area and informed residents that they were not in any danger.

Some notes had been left on people's front doors to alert residents about an "incident" and that the situation was under control. The note then urged residents to report any information about the newborn baby's death or any suspicious activity.

Paul Bently, a spokesman for Ambulance Victoria, said paramedics had been alerted but the baby was already dead upon their arrival.

St Albans Primary School was just metres away from where the dead baby was found. The school authorities had enforced a lock down while students were told to stay in their classrooms. Police had blocked the street when the baby was found.

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