Melbourne Court Orders Craig Thomson to Stay Away from Prostitutes; Top 10 Brothels in the World

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Five more charges were filed on Wednesday against embattled independent MP Craig Emerson when he appeared together with his wife, Zoe Arnold, before the Melbourne Magistrates Court.

The new charges brings to 154 the total number of charges Mr Thomson is accused of regarding his alleged misuse of Health Services Union (HSU) funds, including using HSU cards to pay for services of prostitutes.

As part of his bail condition, Mr Thomson was ordered by the court to stay away from sex workers at several brothels he allegedly visited frequently from 2003 to 2007. The list includes Tiffany Girls, Young Blondes and A Touch of Class.

Magistrate Donna Bakos, who gave the order, said the condition was fair and did not placed undue onus on the MP.

Mr Thomson has consistently denied he had misused HSU funds and engaged the services of sex trade workers. He had complained of being made to undergo a strip search twice, which he described as a method to intimidate him.

The court also required the MP to inform police of any interstate or overseas trips he would make, except for trips to Canberra for parliamentary businesses.

Since the sex trade is legal in Australia and other global cities, brothels abound and are part of the main attraction to foreign tourists. Here is's list of the top 10 brothels, topbilled by Tiffany's.

1.     Tiffany's - Sydney, Australia. Described as a sophisticated joint with themed rooms crafted for a more exotic experience and features buxom women who treats customers like kids in a candy store.

2.     Bunny Ranch - Carson City, Nevada, USA. Features a connected set of trailers full of triple X-rated women. Most of the sex is more of fulfilling fantasies and role-plays than penetration.

3.     Relax Nightclub - Hamburg, Germany. Offers German vixens who work like Geishas to put clients in the right mood for fun.

4.     Centaurus - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. For an entrance fee of $210, customers have 40 minutes with any girl of their choice, mostly voluptuous women with tight bodies and beautiful tans.

5.     FKK Oase - Frankfurt, Germany. Greek-themed interiors with naked reflections of women's bodies bouncing off the floor-to-ceiling mirrors.

6.     Bernds Sauna Club - Schieferhof, Germany. Calls itself the mother of all clubs, featuring girls laying on chaise-lounges and splashing in the kiddie pool.

7.     Nana - Bangkok, Thailand. Features 40 go-go bars where girls dance in different stages of undress.

8.     FKK World - Frankfurt, Germany. A house in the German forest that offers indoor and outdoor areas with pools, sauna, erotic cinema and sports bar.

9.     The Site - Sydney, Australia. Offers diverse female types from blacks to brunettes to hot and sassie blonde Aussies.

10.    Big Sister - Prague, Czech Republic. The sex services are free, but customers and the prostitutes doing their thing are shown via cable TV.

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