Melanie Griffith Divorced Antonio Banderas Because of Mallika Sherawat, Actor Caught Having Serious PDA With Bollywood Actress --- Report

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Spanish Actor Banderas and His Wife U.S. Actress Griffith Pose During a Photocall After Their Arrival at the Starlite Charity Gala in Marbella
Spanish actor Antonio Banderas (L) and his wife U.S. actress Melanie Griffith pose during a photocall after their arrival at the Starlite Charity Gala in Marbella in this file photo taken August 4, 2012. Actress Melanie Griffith on Friday filed for divorce from Spanish actor Antonio Banderas after 18 years of marriage, citing irreconcilable differences, according a petition filed in Los Angeles Superior Court. REUTERS

Speculations are pointing at Bollywood actress Mallika Sherawat for being the cause of the Melanie Griffith-Antonio Banderas divorce, especially since she was caught having serious PDA with Banderas at a Cannes party. The Bollywood star publicly denied the allegations however, her "self-proclaimed" BFF, Ivan Bitton, had "confirmed" the allegations, saying "Sherawat wants him [Antonio], bad!"

A report surfaced in RadarOnline with a source claiming Antonio Banderas and Mallika Sherawat showed serious PDA when they danced together at the Cannes Film Festival party in 2012.

Ivan Bitton, who is a Los Angeles stylist and "self-proclaimed" BFF of Mallika, told the gossip site that Banderas showed a lot of public affection towards the actress during the party (see photo from RadarOnline).

"I remember when they danced and they had a lot of PDA, he had a lot of public affection with Mallika," Bittar, 46, said.

"He was saying 'God you're so beautiful,' like a horndog would do talking to a prey," he added.

Bitton claimed Antonio and Mallika were having fun dancing while he took a video of their dance together. The video unfortunately has been leaked online which Bittar confessed he didn't leak.  

Bitton claimed Antonio was really mad about the video. He said that after it was leaked he went to Mallika and told her the video was to blame for his divorce with Melanie Griffith.  

"He was really mad about the video," Bitton said. "He specifically said that after that video, this is when everything started to go down.. It specifically started to cause problems with his wife," he added.

Now that the divorce is final, Bitton said there's a possibility Antonio Banderas might find a happy ending with Sherawat since he was really mesmerised by her. "There is a real chemistry between them," he said.

Bitton claimed Mallika Sherawat doesn't want to be viewed as a home wrecker and vouched for her. However, he also told RadarOnline in another interview that Mallika has been "entertaining the idea of a relationship with Antonio Banderas" to gain attention from the Indian Press.

"As a matter of fact, Mallika texted Antonio's agent upon her return from Cannes a few weeks back, asking him to set up a secret meeting with Antonio, and suggesting to the agent that Antonio is the one who asked to meet with Mallika in private back in Los Angeles," he said.

He also revealed that Antonio Banderas took Mallika Sherawat to Spain and in a European vacation in early 2012. The stylist revealed it was just the two of them and the trip was very discreet, without Melanie knowing. He further claimed Banderas took Sherawat to meet some of his family, showing how involved he was with her emotionally.

"I think he got really like 'wow' on Mallika," he said.

However, it seems Bitton was speaking ill of his alleged BFF when Mallika Sherawat denied the reports to E! News.

"Antonio Banderas is a wonderful man, a great dancer and an acquaintance of mine," Sherawat said in a statement. "I did not go on any vacation with him, and I'm sorry he's going through a divorce."

The actress also denied being BFFs with Ivan Bitton. Sherawat said she only hired Bitton as her stylist for the Cannes show and then fired him after that. She never heard from him since. She also accused Bitton of leaking the video.

"Whatever he's saying about me is ridiculous," she said.

Apparently, her statement had infuriated Bitton, according to RadarOnline, when he revealed a series of text messages as proof of his close friendship with Sherawat. Bitton shared the text messages in an effort to clear his name and to shed insight into what he calls Sherawat's "obsession" with Antonio Banderas (read text proof from RadarOnline).

Bitton said Antonio Banderas should be warned since "Sherawat wants him, bad!"

However, reading the text it seems like Ivan Bitton and Mallika Sherawat have both decided to come up with the story (the revelations and denial) to create publicity, even if it means the divorce of Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas. As what Sherawat said in the text "any publicity is good publicity."

(Source: YouTube/Hollywood.TV)

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