Melancholic Youtube Video of Man vs. Fence Goes Viral

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One shot for the road, but where is the road? In this case, where is the gate?

Apparently, this is what occurred to an old drunken man who was trying to get home from a drinking spree but cannot anymore find his way through the fence. His futile attempt was captured in a video and uploaded to Youtube.

The viral video titled, "The Futility of Existence," has been viewed by over 2.5 million Youtube users. It has gotten over 22,000 likes and more than 1,400 comments.

One viewer commented the video was the best he had ever seen for the week.

Another viewer named Nikvladan said: "This video simbolyzes life and how old people are useless and helpless, compared to young people who will always find some shortcut, to make their lifes easier. This drunk is a man who lost a fight against time, and all he can do now is learn from children... So deep."

The two-minute video was owned by Roman Prag showcasing a drunken man who went through a tiny gap at the fence. He then took several groggy steps along the railings with his hands holding on the fence for support.

The man had only moved a short distance when he made several attempts to scale through the high fence but ended up only to the ground.

It was only then when he noticed a small boy carrying two plastic bags who easily passed through the wide opening a few feet away from him.

When the boy had already walked a few steps away, the drunken man then went to the very same opening and easily passed through. He continued his walk along the other side of the fence while still holding on to the railings.

The man's drunken feat may have raised several eyebrows who first did not realize the purpose of his walk. But the melancholic piano soundtrack was the one which really turned the video into a new Internet sensation.

So for those who drink, always remember the government's advice when gulping down the liquor.

 "Drink moderately."

Watch the video from Youtube:

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