Megaupload’s Kim Dotcom Asks NZ Court for a $40,000 Monthly Household Budget

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Legally hounded by the United States and New Zealand governments, Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom filed an appeal before the NZ High Court to access more cash from his frozen accounts, which U.S. officials said were amassed from illegal activities.

According to The New Zealand Herald, Mr Dotcom's wife, Mona, wanted to increase the family's monthly stipend to $NZ40,000 and is asking for additional $NZ20,300 that will be used to cover for household expenses.

Lawyers for the presently jobless internet tycoon has argued before the High Court that the roughly $NZ20,000 provided for the Dotcoms each month was insufficient to pay for other everyday 'necessities'.

As far as the family is concerned, these 'essentials' include nannies for the Dotcoms' seven children, butlers, a personal assistant and a chef.

In the court filing, Mr Dotcom's lawyer, Rob Gapes, informed the court that the legal troubles being faced by the family have been felt heavily by the Dotcom household.

"They have had to cut down on expenses but they still need and deserve a reasonable amount of these funds," The NZ Herald reported Mr Gapes as saying on Thursday.

At the moment, all the funds seized from the Dotcoms are being supervised by Auckland and would likely seize them formally in favour of the NZ government in the event Mr Dotcom is found guilty of wrongdoing, as claimed by the U.S. Justice Department.

In such case, the court needs to weigh carefully the request filed by Mr Dotcom, with Crown lawyer Anne Toohey insisting that "there is also public interest in what might be public funds."

Ms Toohey argued too that by NZ standard, a family raising seven children needs no more than $NZ7800 for decent existence, adding that the Dotcoms are fit enough to care for their kids so there should be no pressing needs in hiring nannies.

Mr Dotcom's new plea before the NZ High Court was filed as indications emerged that his extradition hearing, already reset for March 2013, could see further delays, with The NZ Herald reporting that court sessions will not resume until July next year.

Also, the news came as the former Kim Schmitz told a local TV show recently that the cases being pursued against him, apparently by Auckland and Washington, were flawed to begin with because Megaupload was merely "a hard drive that is connected to the internet."

It was not his responsibility "to police what people are uploading," when his website was still in operation, Mr Dotcom insisted.

"You can't blame me if people upload something to a website we have created for online storage; it's not my responsibility ... I'm not doing it and I'm not providing anyone with links to that content," the flamboyant former hacker was quoted by The Washington Post as saying.

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