Meet Tripp Keber, The ‘Willy Wonka Of Weed’ [VIDEO]

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Known as the "Willy Wonka of Weed," Tripp Keber is one of Colorado's biggest marijuana business and the man behind Dixie Elixirs & Edibles, the nation's largest medical-marijuana products companies.

Keber is the managing director of the company famous for its marijuana-infused products (MIP) which includes lozenges, massage oils, candies, capsules and sodas. Like a man in a mission, Keber is introducing legal marijuana in the market and has big plans for the cannabis industry as he introduced his vision though cutting-edge technology.

Called as a "marijuana mogul," Tripp is a multimillion-dollar investor who invested into sixteen pot-related businesses. But this marijuana-loving businessman is not all driven for cannabis business when he was younger, He was a DC politician when he first started out but got a tripping epiphany that changed his life back in 2010.

"I look for trends early," Keber says in an interview with West Word. "I have a very high tolerance for risk."

He realized that the can take advantage the growing demand of cannabis and going into a pot business is way different from his other ventures which includes real estate and luxury motorcoach resorts, or what he called "trailer parks on steroids.

Tripp put together skilled biochemists, chefs, food scientists and homemade recipes to create high quality and consistent marijuana-infused products. Now customers are raving about his products that come with a wide variety from mints to sodas, and the all-time favorite the garden variety brownies.

Dixie Elixir's pot soda is THC-infused beverage with flavors such as orange, grape and root beer. After four years in the pot business, Keber also sells sophisticated flavors like pomegranate and red currant.

But Tripp's pot edibles are just a tip of the iceberg, the politician turned business is planning a highly futuristic marijuana vending machine. This high technology machine sill surely changes the game not just for pot consumers but in the business of dispensing.

"I don't shy away from the fact that I got into this business to profit," he says, "because I did.... But in a very, very short period of time, I realized the power of this plant."

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