Meet The Top Ten Sexiest People of 2011 [PHOTOS]


From Aussie hotties to Hollywood hunks, there are familiar names that have made it in the top list of sexiest people of 2011. This may start some intense debate for everyone has their own bets before this year unfolds into a new one.

Nevertheless, what makes it definitely hotter is the fact that more Australian artists have made it in the list.

1.  Miranda Kerr. After taking the world like a strong wave, this very attractive model does not consider herself as one of the sexiest, but what she sure is proud of the curves she got from being a new mother.

2. Liam Hemsworth. Aside from being the love of Miley Cyrus' life, this rugged heartthrob has attracted local and international audiences worldwide because of his Adonis-like physique.

3. Lara Bingle. If you wonder what this sexy model looks for a guy, one might be surprised to know that for her, the confident guy is the one whom she finds sexiest. In short, she loves those who are comfortable with who they are and not those that are more concerned with their looks.

4. Natalie Imbruglia. This home-grown artist has definitely aged gracefully saying that she has grown to become "wiser, happier, and sexier."

5. Ryan Gosling. With his quiet-yet-oozing appeal that goes along with his strong masculinity, Gosling is definitely one of the luckiest stars of this year because of his hit movie, "Drive." He does not only act well, but he sure looks mighty fine too.

6.  Jennifer Aniston. Despite her growing age, Jennifer remains to stay and look young with her simple, girl next door appeal. She even tried to be overly sexy and experimenting roles, like the one she did for "Horrible Bosses."

7. Mila Kunis. This sizzling Ukraninan is also associated sexiness with confidence. For her, to "know yourself well" is just enough for the beauty to surface, and that there is "no need for you to even push it to everybody else."

8. Kim Kardashian. She may be the one of the most controversial stars this year due to her whirlwind marriage with Kris Humphries but her sex appeal is undeniably consistent. Who can forget that derriere?

9. Emma Stone. Even Ryan Gosling himself finds this young star sexy after working together for the movie "Crazy Stupid Love." Aside from the many film projects that went her way this year, her charming beauty and humour is what made her be a part of this list.

10. Colin Farrell. This actor who have established that bad guy image has now made one of the most interesting comebacks this year. He finds danger and humour combined together as sexy.

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