Meet Scotland's Local Celebrity Cat with $8,000 Bronze Statue [Watch Video of Statue Unveiling Ceremony on YouTube]


Most stray cats would be lucky if they could be able to scavenge leftover foods from the streets or garbage cans. But not the nomadic cat in a small town in Scotland who has turned into a local celebrity. The fuzzy feline has a $8,000 bronze statue erected for her at the heart of Church Square.

Meet Hamish McHamish, the adorable 14-year-old ginger stray previously owned by Marianne Baird who spent the last seven years adventuring around St. Andrews, Scotland. Apart from being the proponent of weird cat names, Hamish has also gained followers from his Facebok and Twitter account with the following description: "Author and bon vivant." The proud owner of the iconic ginger hair, Harnish is a frequent visitor at local shops and streets bringing joy to the cat lovers around the town.

Some reports mentioned that Hamish was a 100 percent stray cat while there are also reports that mentioned him as simply spending the day roaming around the streets of the small town with the permission of his owner. Either way, the townsfolk of Scotland saw the need to erect the statue to immortalize the cat and readily cashed in money from their wallets.

In an article from Huffington Post, the fundraiser of the iconic bronze statue Flora Selwyn stated: "Our statue is a way of saying thank you to Hamish for being so 'purrfectly' adorable and to celebrate him and the joy he brings us."

The idea of setting up a statue for the stray cat was met with negative comments from other internet users mentioning the need to provide the cat with food and shelter instead of kids. But Harnish' previous owner reassured that the cat gets his annual trip to the vets.

During the unveiling ceremony of the statue, Harnish was also present at the event posing beside his metallic glory. He also had a parade around riding in a convertible greeting his followers while his fuzzy hair blows in the wind.

In his Twitter account, the proud feline also expressed his thanks for the statue. He stated: "@StAPresident I wanted to thank you for smoothing the way for my statue at the Community Council. Still want my fish supper though."

Watch the video of status unveiling ceremony from YouTube.

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