Meet the Owners of the Top 10 Most Famous Engagement Rings

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Jewelry expert in ITV's This Morning and founder of Vashi Dominguez recently released her compilation of the 20 most famous engagement rings in the world. Most of the engagement rings have appreciated in value years after they were bought.

Top in the list is the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton who owns the ring which is made up of 4 solitaire diamonds surrounding a 12-carat oval blue Ceylon blue sapphire and set in white gold.  Prince William presented the ring to her in 2010 which originally belongs to the late Princess Diana in 1981. After 30 years, the ring's value has increased by 971 percent from the original price of £28,000. It is now valued at a whopping £300,000.

Next in line is the Queen Elizabeth II who owns the sparkler composed of 3-carat diamond solitaire with 5 smaller diamonds on the sides, all set in platinum. The diamonds were plucked off the tiara of Prince Phillip's mother. From its £28,000 value in 1947, the ring's cost has gone up by 900 percent and it's current price is now at £100,000.

From the number three spot down, the list varies from one publisher to another. According to Daily Mail, occupying the number 3 post is the first lady of the United State of America Michelle Obama whose ring was presented by President Barack Obama in 1991. The modest 1-carat diamond with original price of £7,500 has increased its value by 167 percent. It's current market price is already at £20,000.

Number 4 in the list is the American celebrity Jennifer Aniston who received the ring from Justin Theroux in 2012.The impressive 8-carat ring which was originally valued at £600,000 has gone up by 37.5 percent. Its current value is now at £825,000.

In the number 5 position is the American television and social media personality Kim Kardasian who received the 15-carat emerald cut from rapper Kanye West earlier this year. The gem's original cost worth  £5,000,000 has increased by three percent and is now valued at  £5,150,000.

Wearing the sixth most expensive engagement gems are the  English celebrity couple Victoria Beckham and David Beckham.  David Beckham presented the 3-carat diamond ring to her in 1998 with a matching engagement band for himself  composed of 96 exquisite diamonds.  After 16 years, the power couple's engagement gems which originally cost £100,000 each has increased in value by 130 percent and are now both valued at £230,000.

Number seven in the list is the British businesswoman Samantha Cameron who received the gorgeous engagement ring from David Cameron in 1994. Although she seldom wears the sparkler which belonged to David's paternal grandmother. The ring dazzles in gold with a large diamond center stone. It was originally valued at £25,000. Since then, it has gone up by 80 per cent and is now valued at £45,000.

In the number eight  spot is the American actress and film producer Jennifer Garner. Ben Affleck presented the 4.5-carat diamond ring to her on her 33rd birthday in 2005. From its original worth of £280,000, the exuberant sparkler has gone 50 per cent up and is now priced at £420,000 in the market.

 Occupying the number nine spot is the Duchess of Cornwall Princess Camilla who received the diamond ring from Prince of Wales Prince Charles in 2004. The controversial diamond ring  crafted from platinum was said to belong from Prince Charles's grandmother and was one of her favorite heirloom piece. The 1930s Art Deco originally which costs  £100,000  has increased its value by 150 percent and is now valued at £250,000.

In the tenth spot is American actress and former fashion model Halle Berry who received the 4-carat diamond ring with emerald at its center from Olivier Martinez in 2012. The colorfully designed yellow gold band originally £120,000. After two years, its market value has gone up by 125 percent and is now worth £270,000.

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