Meet Mark Parisi, The Man Who Can Offer Even His Own Testicles, All for Money

  @ibtimesau on January 09 2014 6:06 PM

Mark Parisi has been a volunteering himself in various medical studies, no matter how extreme it may be. He is a self-confessed cheapskate, and no matter how extreme the procedures can be, he's all game for the money. This time, he is offering one of testicles for a whopping amount of $35,000.

He does not actually need a new one for his two testicles are working perfectly well. But he's getting into the medical trial to achieve easy money, reports. The procedure will have doctors taking out one of his testicles and have it replaced with an artificial type. He's a resident of Las Vegas and has been active in participating in medical experiments and research studies for the last six years.

Aside from the financial perks that Mr Parisi gets from the procedures, another advantage he gets is that he experiences free checkups and scrubs. All these make him save up to $750 annually compared to the average person who gets regular medical routine checkups. He mentioned that he wears his scrubs when going to the gym which make him be mistaken as a doctor by those who see him.

His extreme money-conscious attitude has made him be a part of a show in the TLC channel titled 'Extreme Cheapskates' which features the lifestyles lived by chosen Americans who practice extreme frugality. It also stars a couple who shares some hygiene items like razors, dental floss and even toothbrush just to save a lot on their finances. And to note, they are considered normal.

When asked if he is not bothered with getting one of his testicles removed, he just answered, "It's just one of my testicles, not both. And they give me an artificial one, so I'll still have two working parts."

Mark Parisi is just proof that the bigger the risks, then the higher possibility that the bucks will be bigger too. No matter what is on the line, whether it is even his own testicles, Mr Parisi is brave enough to face all challenges to experience one easy payday.

(Video Credit: YouTube/GeoBeats News)

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