Meet Living Barbie Doll Valeria Lukyanova’s Sister Olga: Who is Prettier?

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A lot of people are enchanted by the charm and beauty of living Barbie doll Valeria Lukyanova. However, who would have known that she has an equally beautiful sister?

Olga Lukyanova is the sister of the internet sensation human Barbie doll. However, unlike her sister, she looked naturally beautiful and does not resemble any doll or anime character.

Based from her Facebook and VK accounts, Olga also loved to dress up and strike some poses in front of the camera. She only wear simple make up and simple clothing.

Valeria, on the other hand, sparked controversy due to her thin waist and many wondered if went under the knife to achieve her looks. Her face literally looks like a Barbie doll or anime figure. She explains that she uses cosmetics and contact lenses to achieve that look. She has a make-up tutorial that she published to YouTube so others can learn how she achieves the look.

Recently, Valeria posed for her first magazine spread in V magazine wearing sexy racy outfits.

In an interview with the spread, Valeria answered some intriguing questions clouding her personality. However, what may surprise people about the interview is that Valerie knows the importance of personality over looks. She does not seem shallow or egotistical at all.

As far as the question of whether she has had plastic surgery or if the photos are due to computer technology, such as Photoshop, she said that a lot of people dismiss it as something done by surgeons or Photoshop. She said it is their way of justifying not improving themselves and it is just an excuse to explain why they do not work hard to make themselves look better.

See the slideshow for the photos of the beautiful Olga Lukyanova.

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